5 Coalatree Gifts Any Adventurer Will Love

By Holly Priestley

Shopping for the folks in your life who prioritize adventure over anything else can be challenging. What types of gifts would they actually appreciate? If you’re not an expert on their chosen activities, you don’t know which brands or tools are the best but you want to get them something meaningful and useful - not something redundant that’ll just take up space in their gear-laden closets.

Whether the adventurer on your list hikes, climbs, backpacks, kayaks, road trips, or mountain bikes, these multi-use, ethically-created, rugged and durable gifts are sure to please.


Trailhead Pants

These are some of the most comfortable multi-activity pants I’ve ever owned and I know from experience that your adventurer will love having a pair in their closet. Fabric that is water-resistant, rugged, soft, and anti-microbial means that they can have more adventures between washes. These pants stand the test of desert terrain, forested trails, and lounging in a hammock.

The easy, unisex fit and ankle ties mean that these pants fit petite people, tall people, and everyone inbetween. Personally, I also love the deep pockets for stashing my phone, snacks, dog bags, keys - seriously, the pockets can hold so many things.

The Puffy Kachula Adventure Blanket

It’s a blanket, a wrap, a pillow, a hooded cape - the 4-in-1 Puffy Kachula Adventure Blanket is an awesome gift for someone who wants multi-use items that are durable, portable, and colorful.

The blanket is at home in a tent, at a tailgate, or in your home cozied up and watching your favorite holiday movie. Unlike other blankets, it is specially engineered for indoor and outdoor use. It’s also tear- and spill-resistant which means your adventurer can enjoy it without having to worry about repairing any damage from snagged twigs or spilled bevvies.

Haswell Survival Knife

Knives are useful and endlessly cool. A high-quality, beautiful tool, the Haswell Survival Knife can be used immediately upon opening to snip the tags off other gifts and will look stylish in its holster on the recipients’ hip.

Each of these knives is a one-of-a-kind piece handcrafted with durable materials designed to last for a lifetime of adventures. Whether your explorer uses it to slice up an apple on their favorite peak or whittle a spoon around the fire, it’ll become part of their everyday carry in no time.

Nomad Packable Backpack

Many adventure packs have a specific, single purpose - the camera bag with all its foam compartments, the backpacking pack with it’s hip belt and cavernous interior, the reusable grocery bag with its limiting handles. The Nomad Packable Backpack is the perfect solution - a little-bit-of-everything backpack.

It packs down very small so it’s easy to throw in another pack for unexpected shopping trips or treasure-collecting. It’s got two water bottle holders on the outside for day hikes you need to keep hydrated on. This backpack can be used for just about anything without taking up any extra space or sacrificing durability.

Evolution Hoodie

The hoodie to end all hoodies, our Evolution Hoodie is soft, warm, and made out of recycled coffee grounds. That last bit might not mean a whole bunch except “Woah! I didn’t know they could make clothing out of coffee!” and that’s cool, but it’s also anti-microbial which means you can wear it and wear it and wear it and wear it and - you get the point - without it starting to smell like you’ve been wearing it every dang day since the holidays.

We’ve got pullover and zip-up designs for different preferences and it comes in a range of colors to suit your favorite explorer’s personal style.


Get your adventurer the gift of more trips by ensuring they have all the tools needed for  explorations big and small. Each of these suggestions can be used in almost any weather, terrain, or experience which means your loved one won’t have to spend time or money swapping out gear for different exploits.

Keep it easy for you and easy for them so you can focus on spending more time together making memories.

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