Exploring the Badlands and Hoodoos of Utah

The American Southwest features some of the greatest desert landscapes in the world. On a trip earlier this spring, photographer Matt Meisenheimer ventured out to the Colorado Plateau in southern Utah and northern Arizona in search of some of those grand desertscapes.

Matt continues to be drawn back to the southwest year after year and a major reason for that the diversity of the region. The unique geology and diversity in geology has resulted in incredible formations. The Colorado Plateau in particular is dotted with badlands, mesas, plateaus, canyons, playas, hoodoos, and more. Any many of these landscapes are within close proximity of each other, making it possible to visit a vast number of locations in a short period of time.

In this video, Matt visits the badlands of Utah for a photography adventure, and also explores some hoodos and interesting rock formations. Enjoy and be sure to make the southwest your next adventure destination, you won’t be disappointed.

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