We are crafters of sustainable outdoor gear that embrace and value the delicate balance between fashion and function. Creating timeless goods that pack away and grow with you whenever you need them. From mountain to city, Coalatree is building an environmental brand by making efficient, ecological products.


At Coalatree we’ve designed, crafted, and built products that you don’t just wear but live in. Creating products to grow and move with you as an individual. From mountain to city, Coalatree goods are sustainably built for life, enabling you to greet the outdoors.


Our seed initiative is built to help feed those less fortunate world wide. We work hand in hand with farmers to empower communities in need with fresh food and produce. With your help, our goal here at Coalatree is to feed people, one product at a time. Details coming soon.

Our Kachula giveback will give blankets to the cold and homeless, launching Holiday 2016.


At Coalatree we believe that you reap what you sow – We work tirelessly to make sure that we nurture and maintain awesome relationships with our customers. Our customers are the sunshine providing us the feedback we need to create a growing brand. If you have constructive feedback please contact us here.