Go Live Your Life

Written By: Dalton Johnson

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Growing up, my Mom had a phrase, “actions speak louder than words.” At first, I did not appreciate when she would repeat this mantra, especially when I was in trouble. However, as I got older, I started to see the difference between those who acted and those who spoke of action. We can all say what we want to be doing, how we are going to do it, and even elaborate on why we live, but do we act? If the answer is no, then it’s time to reassess.

Flashback five years. I graduated from college and moved onto a bicycle so I could travel. I was broke (roughly $200 to my name), lived in a tent, and pedaled a bicycle around the South Island of New Zealand. Upon returning to the US, I attempted to live on a bicycle so I could continue to see as much of the world as possible… I’ll leave that story there, but that is my foundation. Now, fast forward to today. My actions have persisted and I now live in a van with the same goal, to see the world. Every day, I move the van to a new opportunity, so I can see and experience something new.

Now, why do I share this? Simple, our lives are ephemeral, thus we should take full advantage of the opportunities every day provides. Here are three micro-adventures to jog your brain for the coming year: 



IDEA 1: Grab a sleeping bag and pad, maybe a snack, some water, and a cookstove. Stuff all of this in a backpack and take a night for yourself to sleep under the stars. Sleep on a bluff, so when you wake up, you can look east to the sun rising over the horizon.



IDEA 2: For all of you photography lovers out there, make time to sneak away for a night without sleep and try out astrophotography. The process of star photography is slow, requiring you to be patient and diligent. The darkness provides a kind of solitude unparalleled to anything I have experienced before.

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IDEA 3: Be a beginner at something once again. If you try something new, it will refresh your brain and force you to grow outside of your current state. This growth will transfer over into your everyday life. If you willingly introduce adversity into your daily life, you will become a more resilient human, better preparing yourself for whatever challenges you face.

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"Go Live Your Life” is a common phrase these days, but what does that mean for yourself? I have a feeling, if you are here, reading this, you want more out of life than commuting back and forth from work to make just enough money to sustain yourself, while dreaming of seeing the world. Well, here is your permission slip. Here is your motivation. Here is your kick in the butt.





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