11 Ways to Use Your Kachula Adventure Blanket

By Elaine Elliot
There’s a reason we call the Kachula the swiss army knife of blankets. The Kachula has water-resistant fabric, snaps, pockets, a hoodie, and more. With all these features in one warm layer, you’ll be able to minimize your packing list and use only one piece of gear for all your outdoor excursions.
  1. Outer Sleeping Layer
Sometimes a sleeping bag and blanket aren’t enough for cold weather camping. Made with durable nylon flannel, the Kachula is the ideal outer shell layer to trap in heat and block wind when you’re trying to cozy up for a restful sleep.
  1. Yoga
When you’re packing up for a road trip or camping adventure, you want to be as minimalistic as possible. And sometimes that means leaving the bulky yoga mat at home. Fortunately, the Kachula is wide and long enough to spread out on the ground or grass for a yoga class or stretching session anytime, anywhere.
  1. Camp Cooking
Does your primitive camp site lack a picnic table? Never fear, the Kachula provides ample space for spreading out your stovetop, cooking utensils, and foodstuff for on-the-go meal prep. And if any spills occur, the stains will come right off the water-resistant fabric.
  1. Festivals
It’s easy to lay out all your stuff for impromptu hangouts and naps when you bring a Kachula to a concert. You won’t have to worry about getting dirty, especially if the ground is wet from recent rain. Best of all, Kachula blankets can snap together to make an even bigger blanket zone in the midst of dancing with all your friends.
  1. Beach Trips
Similar to festivals, you always want a hangout spot in the sand on a beach trip. Only problem is, sand sticks to towels and blankets and seems to never come off. The Kachula blanket is resistant to sand. Once you fold up the blanket after a day of sunbathing, the sand will fall right off. Now you’ll never have to worry about getting sand everywhere again.
  1. Rain Gear
In need of some last-minute sheltering from a sporadic storm? There is a hidden hood inside the Kachula zipper side pocket. Take it out and this adventure blanket becomes an emergency poncho! The water-resistant blanket will keep your warm and dry from the heaviest downpours.
  1. Seat Cover
Not looking forward to putting all your wet and dirtied gear back in the car after adventuring? Are you and all your friends also sweaty and dirty after a whole day out in the woods? If you want to keep your car seats or car bed clean after a day of fun, use the Kachula as a cover between your dry car and dirty gear and outfits. The Kachula is invincible against dirt, sweat, and water. All those potential stains will come right off.
  1. Travel Pillow
The Kachula blanket stuffs into itself for easy packing and travel. When stuffed, it works as a pillow to use on road trips, airplanes, and camping trips. Sometimes bringing your bed pillow is too much hassle for traveling. The Kachula is the next best thing!
  1. Emergency Blanket
Stow your Kachula away in your car as an emergency blanket in case you get stuck on the side of the road in cold weather. You never know when bad weather or a traffic jam will occur, so best to be safe rather than sorry.
  1. Stash Pocket
Are you about to go on an outing but you don’t want to bring your purse or backpack? Instead of carrying your wallet, keys, phone, and snacks all in your hand, use the Kachula zipper side pocket to safely tuck away your belongings during outdoor jaunts.
  1. Patio Blanket
The great outdoors can be enjoyed even from a back porch or patio. But such places aren’t ideal for fluffy indoor blankets. Use the Kachula during bonfires and hangouts as a waterproof option to keep on the outdoor deck for chilly nights.

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