Staying Grounded

Here at Coalatree we wanted to offer some tools on how to stay grounded and find peace during such uncertain times. We figure we should take the extra time we have as an opportunity to create healthy habits while we stay at home and stay safe. 



Meditation is one of the many ways we bring stillness to our minds, release old energy that no longer serves and can create an abundance of peace and vitality. The best thing about meditation is there is no right or wrong way to doing it. There is no time limit, even one conscious breath that we devote to ourselves is a mini form of meditation and is grounding. 


My Mantra

One of my personal favorite ways of meditation is starting our with a mantra. A mantra is basically a phrase we create to keep our minds on track of what we desire. It acts as a positive affirmation to what we want in the present and the future. I like to keep things simple and straightforward so my mantra currently is, "Life is fun and easygoing, it is filled with joy, laughter, peace and love, and there is time for everything." To start my daily practice, I start my 5 minute meditation I set a timer, sit still in a comfortable position, repeat my mantra, rest my eyes, and focus on my breath. When my mind veers off I imagine those thoughts passing through me and then come back to my mantra, OR I focus on five senses to help ground me in the present moment. 
What do I smell? 
What do I hear? (Maybe just the hum of the refrigerator) 
What do I taste? 
What do I see? (My yes are resting so I might see squiggles, colors, darkness, or visions) 
What do I feel? ( My soft slippers on my toes or my puppy in my lap) 


Giving yourself a moment, whether this is one breath or ten minutes, to consciously rest and be present is proven to help reduce anxiety, stress, lower blood pressure, and relieve headaches. It can strengthen productivity, creativity, and positive thoughts - AND children can reap from these benefits too! 
Coalatree appreciates you and we wanted to share one of our healthy habits in hopes that you are not only surviving - but thriving during this time. We love you! 

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