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Ian is 5'10" 130lbs. He is wearing a size small in green.
Brenton 6'0" 190lbs. He is wearing a size large in green.

The Jacket that's Packed with Features

With a long-lasting insulation that keeps its warmth even when wet, six pockets for gloves, headphones, passports, and more, and an internal stuff pocket that instantly turns the jacket into an on-the-go travel pillow, the Coalatree Camper Hooded Jacket is the perfect layer for all your travel and outdoor adventures!

Outdoor functionality with Urban Style

eco-friendly and functional

With a long-lasting insulation that keeps its warmth even when wet, six pockets for gloves, headphones, passports, and more, and an internal stuff pocket that instantly turns the jacket into an on-the-go travel pillow, the Coalatree Camper Hooded Jacket is the perfect layer for all your travel and outdoor adventures.

lightweight performance

Multi-layer insulation is built with specially designed airpockets that increase warmth without sacrificing weight.

Sustainably Made

Your jacket is made from bluesign®-approved and recycled materials, ensuring toxic chemicals and unsafe conditions practices are kept out of the manufacturing process.

Functional in the Rain

Synthetic insulation retains 93% of warmth when wet, and works great even in humid conditions.

All-season comfort

adjustable fit for any conditions

From the top of the Rocky Mountains to the city streets of Tokyo, the Camper Jacket is your go-to item for travel and adventure! Cinch the waistline or close the hood tight to fit any conditions. The Camper Jacket's drawcords and velcro wristbands ensure you'll get the snuggest fit, every time.

Men's Eco Camping Jacket


Outer: 100% bluesign® ripstop nylon with DWR coating


100% ComforMax™


14.4 oz


Spot clean recommended. When necessary, machine wash delicate with gentle detergent, hang dry.


With a long-lasting insulation that keeps its warmth even when wet, six pockets for gloves, headphones, passports, and more, and an internal stuff pocket that instantly turns the jacket into an on-the-go travel pillow, the Coalatree Camper Hooded Jacket is the perfect layer for all your travel and outdoor adventures.

DuPont Comfort Max Fiberfill is a perfect multi-layer padding for low temperatures, resistance up to 20 º F.

Manufactured using the latest technology of carding, provides 4-5 times more insulation than other similar fibers. Each layer of fiberfill weighs a mere 5-10g/sqm which provides a multi-layer real structure with superior performance. Recommended for high-performance equipment both outerwear and sleeping bags.

Customer Reviews

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jared hood
Great lightweight jacket!

This is a terrific lightweight jacket. It packs down small, and provides phenomenal heat by itself in 30-40 degree weather, and is a great first layer for sub zero temps. I had to order again as I ruined the first one somehow. I even paid three times as much the second time which was still worth it!

Camper jacket

Best jacket of this type, having tried similar ones from bean and duluth. It’s my go-to jacket and a great one to layer-on fall, winter and spring. Very good on the trail and makes a sweet little pillow. I got my first several years back and it is still in great shape, bought two more as gifts and another as a spare for when I wear out my original. Highly regarded.

Nanette A.
Love my jacket

I really love my jacket, it was really important to me to have a packable jacket to take on trips. I haven’t really tested it in brutally cold weather but in 30° Temps it was pretty darn good! It’s also very well-made! I have a ton from Coala tree and have a been disappointed by anything!

Mike Milosovic
great customer service

Customer service is great to work with. Had an issue with the jacket, called up and it was taken care of. This company stands by their products! I love the jacket. It is very light weight but provides you with the perfect warmth. With the hoodie underneath it it is fantastic for Chicago weather. If it is very cold outside you will be warm (I am not a person that handles cold well). It breaks the chicago wind nicely. What I especially like about it is that when is cold outside it keeps you warm but when you go inside for say some shopping, you don't get too warm in it either. That makes it a great travel jacket when flying from Chicago to Cozumel. I left and it was -2 and was warm enough with it ( I was not out in the cold too long ) but then when I got into the airport I was able to keep the jacket on without getting hot ( not sure how they managed that ). I had to get up at 230 in the morning so needless to say I was very tired. Just as advertised it folded neatly into it self and make a nice pillow. When I got to Cozumel and it was too hot for the jacket, I just clipped it up to my back pack and forgot about it until I got back to Chicago.

I have also bought the socks, pants and hoodies and have found them very comfortable. I work long hours and have an issue with my feet from having work boots on for 12 hours. With the socks most of the time I have not had an issue. When I have had an issue it has been over a long period of time. Going to try the hammock next. If they come out with ankle socks I will definitely by several pairs of those.

Michael Dunlap
Love it

Perfect jacket for California winter in the mountains. Lightweight, comfortable, warm. Had one for a few years, lost it, didn't hesitate to grab another one from Coalatree.


Lightweight , makes a great pillow for backpacking

Craig Powell
Great Jacket

This thing is awesome. Super lightweight, comfortable fit, packs up easily. I had an issue with the first one and they replaced it quickly and without hassle. Definitely be careful when washing this to use the gentle cycle on your washer, or spot clean. I would also recommend not washing it with other items if you do user your washing machine.

Pretty Dang Outstanding.

Received this Jacket Jan, 6 2022.
Have been wearing it daily since. It's currently March 10 2022.

I live in the PNW. Specifically Tacompton. Around this time of year it can (rarely) dip below freezing. This year it has a few times, but mostly it rains. It's recently rained for a solid week and there was flooding all over. I wore this jacket the entire time. Through frost and rain and even recent sunny days and blue skies with wind chill.

I'm a pretty average person during the work year. I don't spend as much time outdoors as some people in their line of work, but for me, I've found this jacket to be a very very surprisingly versatile jacket. My job has me running in and out of vehicles and buildings several times a day.
From waking up to to my car being completely covered in ice in <30 degree weather at 5am, scraping my windows of frost and climbing in to what I would normally refer to as a chilly ice box of "I should just call in sick and climb back into bed" before my car warms up, to driving to work and needing to unzip to vent. This jacket has held my core temperature phenomenally well. I'm not racked with the shivers like I was with another brands 500 fill power down jacket I was using before. Some days It's started to rain on these cold mornings so when I get to work I get out of my car and into a cold and wet climate. This jacket has managed to keep my skin dry and continued to maintain my core heat.

I've had very rainy days where I notice the outside of the jacket seemingly saturated after a heavy pour (not prolonged exposure) yet I'm still warm, the fill is not saturated and the majority of water I can just brush off with my hands or remove the jacket and shake most of it off and allow it to dry while I work. I've not been displeased at these methods yet but on really wet days i hang it up on break and its dryer by the time i put it back on.
I've been very surprised at how well this jacket performs.

Don't let the thickness fool you. The fabric is amazingly soft and silky and the fill is pretty amazing to say the least. It holds its loft and warmth when wet.

Now that you have a general idea of how it performs in my average every day use I'll go over the Pro's and Cons:

-Looks really nice!
-Very comfortable, very soft on the skin.
-Unexpectedly warm.
-Somewhat weather resistant.
-Good wind block.
-Tighter hood seal around the neck and face when fully zipped
-Pockets seem useful especially the chest pocket, cinch cords are in good areas.
-Dries fast.
-Cinch cords where they should be.
-Easy to (spot) clean. Doesn't hold on to dirt, can brush off a lot of most things on the spot.

-Dare I say it? Sometimes too warm, but this is minimized with simply unzipping the main zipper.

-The hood.. I wish it was bigger. I wear hats often and the edge of the hood sits just above the brim of my hat and more on the cap just below where the typical logo would be on the forward face of the hat. Without a hat it sits (for me) right at the hairline above the forehead. To me this feels unnatural, leaves my forehead exposed, however I can cinch it up to tighten the circumference, but then I have to really peel the hood off or unzip the jacket to remove more comfortably.

-The hood cinch doesn't seem to have it's own sleeve. I've cinched it before and it seems to only be fastened at the draw strings at the edge of the hood internally and at the back where the cinch clasp is, leaving the cord to wander vertically inside the fabric which will leave you constantly trying to move it up and down over my hat and ears.

-***Size: The jacket is a medium, which is standard for me. It seems a bit longer than most mediums. About 8-9 inches below my pant waist line and levels just below the crotch seam. There is a cinch cord around the bottom seam so that can be adjusted to keep out cold air (pro), but it just seems too long for casual comfort and pant pocket accessibility, especially as a concealed carrier. HOWEVER, I'm not completely convinced this is a con.. The length seems to really add to the overall volume of warmth. I'm just not used to it.

-The stitching!!! I don't know what's up with the stitching but right out of the bag I had to cut 20-30 loose threads and several more as they popped out in the following weeks. The stitching on the velcro wrist tape seemed to fray the worst. I've since had to melt them very carefully to prevent further fraying.

-Zippers don't seem to be as smooth as they should be. There seems to be a lot of umm.. friction? They just don't have a smooth pull. I doubt they are YKK's.

Very warm, stylish, holds up to weather remarkably well, stitching and zippers could be better, would like to see a brimmed hood on future models but overall, it's warmer than a down jacket of the same price ...

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