Seasons of the Desert

Words and photos by Coalatree Ambassador Hunter Page

There we were, my girlfriend Elena and I, thinking that death would be a sweet relief from this torturous heat! Sitting in 110-degree heat, no shade, no breeze, and no way to stay cool. I thought of praying, crying, or just shriveling up and becoming one with the stagnant sand that was getting hotter by the minute. 

When we moved out here in a 14 foot pull-behind camper with no running water or air conditioning, our mission was to immerse ourselves in the landscape, with a community of like-minded folks. The nights were cold and the days were a perfect 75 degrees. We hiked all day and just chilled at night. But as time went on, everything flipped completely. It became easy to succumb to the heat of the day and to want to crawl into an air conditioned cave for eternity. But that’s no way to experience the desert! When life gives you heat, you find a river… (or a coffee shop.)

Finding ways to experience the desert fully while keeping our sanity is a must. During the hot days we spent our time in the Virgin river, soaking up the sun! Or hiding in a slot canyon where natural air conditioning thrives. At night it was time to explore the surrounding areas of Zion National Park and beyond. Learning how to live in the desert has become ingrained after months of trial and error.

By late summer, we had made it through the thick of it. Days were warm, evenings were cool, and nights, well, a blanket is finally needed. No more falling asleep in a pool of sweat! Hallelujah! As fall neared we welcomed it with open arms. Bring on the cold temps!



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