The Rio Napo

Words and video by Coalatree Ambassador Jared Walker

I recently went to Ecuador for a video shoot and had the opportunity to live in the Amazon jungle for a week. One of the highlights of the trip was getting to travel the Rio Napo (Napo River) everyday as we went to the different villages in the area. Seeing the jungle on both sides as we traveled up and down the river was awesome, and getting to watch the mist rising out of the jungle in the mornings was seriously one of the most beautiful things to see.

My Coalatree gear was perfect for this trip because I packed super minimal. The  Evolution Hoodie with front pouch pocket was killer for traveling since I could keep my passport and other valuables safe and still easy to access in security lines. And it was great for keeping warm on flights and in Quito where it was cold from the high elevation.

The only pants I brought on the trip were my two pairs of Trailhead Adventure Pants (seriously my favorite pants ever, especially for traveling and outdoor activities). They were perfect for the rainforest where it was constantly wet and dirty, and big bonus that they protected me from the bugs and sun.



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