No Room For Error on This High Alaskan Ridgeline

Watch Eric Porter ride a picturesque ridge, high above remote Alaskan backcountry.

Eric Porter has spent 15 years traveling the world in search of beautiful trails. His favorite spot? Alaska. And after six years, Porter has made his return to The Last Frontier. This time to ride a remote ridgeline that has been cached in his mind since his last visit.

Upon arrival, Porter was faced with a storm system that set him back four days. “Fifteen years of traveling and filming trips and I don’t think I’ve ever been shut down like this before,” Porter explains, “It’s bound to happen sometime.” After a soggy few days of camping, the weather finally broke and with the trail in perfect condition, Porter set out on a hike to the summit — with sherpa support from Downhill Addictions.

eric porter

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