Editor's Note: Our Loafer Hammock and Kachula Adventure Blanket were featured in a subscription box by Bespoke Post. The following is a review of that box, and you can read the original article here.

Bespoke Post is a monthly men’s subscription box. Unlike most subscription boxes, you get to preview the new Bespoke Post box offerings on the first of each month, and you can easily skip any month you aren’t interested in your account section.

This is a review of the ‘Retreat’ box.

The Subscription Box: Bespoke Post

The Cost: $45 a month

COUPON: 25% off your first box with coupon code ADDICT25

The Products: Monthly lifestyle items, curated around a theme. Each shipment is accompanied by an information card including details about each item in your selected box. The back always includes information pertaining to your box’s theme. This month provides a short bit about hiking etiquette.


Coalatree Hammock – Value $39.99

The hero time of the month was a hammock from Coalatree. The short story is that it’s fantastic!


Buckles and I enjoyed it – it’s nice and relaxing with no pressure points on your back at all. This is an organic parachute nylon hammock, which means that it’s easy to pack up and super strong and durable.

The ends are fitting with rope and carabiners. We opted out of the rope and went with easier hammock suspension straps – that way, it’s ultra portable and quick to attach to any tree.


These parachute hammocks are also fantastic because you can easily sit up in them! You could sit in the middle like a swing or scoot back until you’re upright like I am here.


Kachula Blanket – Value $69.99

The second item is also from Coalatree – it’s a super durable blanket. It’s lightweight, waterproof, dirt-resistant, and nylon – so it’s ideal for the outdoors. Extra bonus, it’ll double as a pillow when you pack it into the pouch.

Both the hammock and the blanket pack into their own attached punch – so it’s really convenient on-the-go. Unlike most items you take out of the package, they’re also really easy to get back into the pouch – I was impressed!

Verdict: Liz and I are used to the typical, home-use, hammocks – but this one is so much more comfortable than those! And, it’s easy to store and pack away until you’re ready to use it. It’s so convenient that I still have a use for these items as someone who likes hammocks and not hiking – so that’s quite a feat to pull off.

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