Gift the Outdoors

Coalatree promotes getting outside because of the positive effects of nature. The amazing power of nature has long been shown to have great effects on emotional, mental, and physical health. Studies have found that people who took a 90-minute walk in a natural setting experienced less activity in the stress and rumination sections of their brains compared with people who took a similar walk in an urban setting.

Girl twirling in between two giant red woods trees

Kachula Blanket 

Relaxing natural sounds, or even natural silence have also been linked to lower blood pressure and the reduction of stress hormones. A small excursion or relaxing nature video can be rejuvenating. Twenty to thirty minutes of nature three times a week, or as a regular part of your weekly schedule may open the door to many longterm emotional, mental and physical benefits.

Man standing in front of mountains

Trailhead Pants - Camper Hooded Jacket 

We want to promote getting outside during the holidays so we've decided to give away FREE hammocks for all orders over $100. We hope this giveback can help motivate our consumers to better #greettheoutdoors and find peace in nature. Head to to check it out! 

But remember; tread lightly and treat our natural surroundings with love and care. Nature serves us best when we give it the love and that we also strive for. Leave it better than you found it, thats the motto. 


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