Review of the Baseline Layer

Written by : Eric Bennett

If a hoodie and a base layer had a baby, you’d get this. The new Baseline Mid-layer by Coalatree has the lightweight versatility of a thin base layer tee with the warmth and utility of a hoodie. The full zipper feature also gives you some options as you can zip it all the way to insulate your heat while hanging at camp, or lower it as much as you need to quickly cool off while you’re on the move. 

Man and Women sitting at a restaurant wearing the baseline

The double reinforced stitching ensures that your favorite base layer will last for years and won’t fail you on even the most rugged adventures. It’s also DWR coated so you don’t have to worry about a slight drizzle getting you all soggy and cold. The antimicrobial finish, like most of their other clothes, also makes sure you can stay smelling fresh, even after sweating in the backcountry for a few days in a row. The fabric is also soft enough that you can wear the Baseline Mid-layer directly on your skin if you want to simplify your apparel. It also packs down extremely small so it’s easy to stash an extra one in your pack if you want a backup. 

I love that it has a hood to shield your neck and ears from any frigid gusts, without needing to throw on a jacket. The thumb holes in the sleeves are also nice to keep your hands warm but fingers free when you don’t quite need gloves. You can slip them into the pouch pocket to warm them up as well. The roomy pouch pocket also comes equipped with a secure zipper to throw in your keys, phone, or some snacks, without worrying about them flying out. 

Women setting up hammock in the woods

Once again Coalatree has managed to deliver a durable, lightweight, quality piece of outdoor clothing, while not sacrificing in sleekness or style. Between its slim fit and the array of colors the Baseline Mid-layer comes in, you can go back into town for a post hike beer or a bite to eat and not feel like you are still wearing awkward camping gear. Like all of their clothing, this thing is fresh enough to wear in the mountains as well as on a night out in the city. 

My absolute favorite thing about the Baseline Mid-layer is that just like everything else that Coalatree makes, it’s eco friendly. This base layer is made with recycled coffee grounds and plastic bottles, and its honeycomb fabric sheds zero microplastics, a huge issue with many other types of clothing and material goods these days. Because of this kind of irresponsible manufacturing by so many companies, microplastics can be found in nearly every living creature, waterway, and ecosystem today. Also the waterless dye method used in making the Baseline Mid-layer saves thousands of gallons of water. Feel comfortable when purchasing this wonderfully crafted piece of clothing, that you aren’t making a negative impact on the environment.

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