Your Brain on Nature

Photos by Coalatree Ambassador Ben Canevari. Follow him on Instagram @canevariphoto.
It’s no secret that getting outside makes you feel better. The senses sharpen, the mind relaxes, and the body gets to move. We here at Coalatree recognize the value of spending time outdoors and we incorporate it into our regular schedules. Being outside makes us happier, more productive, and healthier.
Lately there’s been a lot of research on the health benefits of nature, and it’s exciting to learn about some of the physiological and mental changes that can occur from a simple hike or a long backpacking trip. Here’s just a few quick ways on how even just a few minutes outside can make you smarter, healthier, and more relaxed.
1. If you work at a desk all day, be sure to regularly get up and move. Taking just a few minutes each hour can counter the detrimental effects of sitting. We at Coalatree like to take a quick walk around the block, go for a short bike ride, or even just do a few minutes of plank together as a team to get our blood flowing.
    2. Feeling stressed? Go backpacking. Researchers have found it takes about three days totally immersed in nature for parts of the brain to relax and reset. But leave your screens and cell phones at home to really reap the benefits!
      3. Even just a brief stroll through a city park or a quiet tree-lined street has been shown to boost moods and energy levels. Who would have thought?!
      We encourage you all to get outside, even if for just a few minutes each day. That’s part of the reason we’ve decided to continue our Free Loafer Hammock offer for the month of December. Maybe you’ll take your free hammock to a nearby park, along with a puffy jacket and a thermos of hot chocolate. Or maybe you and some friends will explore a state park, lounging in your hammocks fireside at night. We just hope you’ll find a chance this season to Greet the Outdoors.
      You can read more about the health benefits of being outside here.
      All month long, spend $75 or more and receive a Free Loafer Hammock! (Hammock is automatically added to your cart and is not valid with any other discounts.) If you take your hammock out for an adventure, be sure to share your photos and tag them with #greetheoutdoors.

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