"These Incredible Hiking Pants Are Perfectly Engineered For Dad Life"

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared on the parenting blog Fatherly. Read it here.

They're tough, spill-resistant, and comfortable as hell. Did I mention they're comfortable, too? Because oh baby are they.
Stains are pretty synonymous with being a dad of young kids. That’s because kids are notoriously messy and rarely keep their messes to themselves. I can’t count how many times my children have jostled coffee into my lap, or dribbled juice on my leg, or grabbed me with wet-muddy hands. And each time, without fail, I must hustle for a damp towel to keep my pants from staining. It’s no longer a worry with the Coalatree Trailhead pants. They’re waterproof. The juice just rolls off. And that, in and of itself, would make these so-called “adventure pants” worth the purchase. Happily, there are many more features that make them essential gear.

It’s important to note that the Trailhead pant was not necessarily designed for dads. It was designed for folks who are going to hit the, uh, trailhead and do scrambling, climbing, boating, or camping (I mean, they even pack into their own front pocket for easy storage). Accordingly, they were made to withstand the elements while providing protection and maneuverability.

But the thing is, the rough and tumble world of the active outdoorsman really doesn’t have anything on the rough and tumble world of the active dad. They both demand some rigorous activity, they are both dirty, and both require some degree of comfort to combat uncomfortable circumstances.

And the Trailhead pants are certainly comfy. Made of a breathable, four-way-stretch ripstop nylon, they are lightweight and super soft against the skin. The waist is elastic with a springy drawstring and despite the slim lines, they fit great even on bigger dudes — the size XL feels nice despite my 200-something pound frame.

More than that, the Trailhead pants conservative styling allows them to go places where their less technical, sporty cousin, sweatpants, wouldn’t dare. While they would still be considered casual wear, a dad could get away with lounging in them on a Sunday morning and get away with wearing them for an upscale brunch. All that would be required is changing into a clean shirt.

In fact, a dad could essentially get away with living in the Trailhead pants. Not only can you simply rinse them under water to sweep away any messes that might land on them — poop, spit up, strained peas, juice — they are also antimicrobial. So, no matter how much your butt sweats while playing with the kid, the pants, at least, will come out smelling just fine.

The Trailhead pants are pretty much perfect for play too. The stretch allows for a full range of motion and a gusseted crotch means a dad can squat and pick up the kid without fear of a Lenny Kravitz style blowout on the playground. Also, should things get warm, the Trailhead pants can be hitched up around the calves to provide more cooling. Alternately, if the weather is cold and wet, drawstrings at the ankles can be tightened to keep the elements out.

Interestingly, being a dad can often feel like being on some adventurous trek into the unknown. With the Trailhead pant, the challenges met on that adventure can be weathered while remaining stylish and put together.

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