Take a load off in these four must-chill Hammocking Spots

The real question is, “When was the last time you were upset after relaxing in a hammock?” As summer approaches and daylight extends well beyond that of a 9-5 job, what better way to  spend your evening than in a hammock, maybe with a book or journal. For myself, living on the  road my work hours are all over the map, but whenever I can find a place to hang a hammock  and take in the view, I am in my happy place. Below are four of my favorite spots that I have  hung a hammock.

#1 Grand Teton National Park, WY

Hammock set up in the trees

Not far from the trailhead that provides access to the Grand Teton you will find a river and a  few groves of evergreens. After a long day of climbing, trail running, and snapping photos, I  found this spot, hung my hammock, and, as you can see, didn’t do much work. But that might  have been the goal.

#2 Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT

Hammock in the trees

Sometimes life is most enjoyed when you remember that you are always a kid. While visiting  Salt Lake City I found myself climbing in Big and Little Cottonwood. On a rest day, I went for a  fun hike to the donut (check this place out if you have the chance) and then headed out on a  run with a pack filled with my journal and hammock. At first, I thought I was going to dig deep  into the psyche, but realistically I ended up swinging in the hammock, falling on my face a few  times, and laughing at myself.

#3 Lemon Reservoir, CO

Hammock among the aspens

Lemon reservoir has a small crag where you can easily climb with friends (or top-rope solo if  you are alone) in the morning and evening. During the day, it’s quite hot, so I escaped the heat  among the aspen groves of Colorado, swinging in a hammock, with a book, and my legs  kicked up. I’ll probably have a bite to eat as well, applesauce with granola has been my current  snack of choice.

#4 Lake Tahoe, CA

Man reading a book in a hammock on the shore of lake Tahoe

Growing up just outside this adult playground, Lake Tahoe’s coastline is lined with perfect  places to hang a hammock and journal. The blue water will put you in a trance as you stare, so  watch out if you are on a timeline. However, I would suggest letting go of your timeline and  learning to take in the environment this earth has to offer. 

All in all, it doesn’t matter if you are rocking a beard or clean-shaven, on the road or in your  backyard, in the city or immersed in the mountains, just get outside and take a few deep  breaths. Stop waiting, go grab a hammock and get outside!

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