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Save Our Canyons is a non-profit organization was founded in 1972 with the mission of protecting the beauty and wildness of the Wasatch Mountains, canyons and foothills. From a handful of passionate advocates working to preserve the Wasatch Mountains from the threat of ski resort expansion, Save Our Canyons has grown to become one of the foremost grassroots advocacy groups engaged in conservation issues in the state of Utah.

Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as strong advocates and effective coalition builders, engaging not only our membership, but also convening allied groups, governments  and their constituents. We’ve partnered with national groups such as the Conservation Alliance, Winter Wildlands Alliance, IMBA, Access Fund, and the Wilderness Society as well as local groups like the Sierra Club, Salt Lake Climbers Alliance, Wild Utah Project, and Wasatch Backcountry Alliance to show a united voice for conservation in Utah. Save Our Canyons has been at the forefront of efforts to stop controversial developments that would forever alter the naturalness of the Wasatch  and negatively backcountry recreation, diminish suitability of wilderness quality lands and harm sensitive habitat. In addition to playing successful defense, Save Our Canyons also has an impressive track record of seeing our conservation proposals realized as designated wilderness with Lone Peak, Twin Peaks, Mt. Olympus, Mt. Naomi, Mount Timpanogos, and Mt. Nebo Wilderness areas.

Just like the Teton Range in Wyoming, the Wasatch mountains are bestowed with dramatic peaks rising seven thousand feet above the Salt Lake Valley. What sets the Wasatch Mountains apart from the Grand Tetons, are first their proximity to an increasingly urbanizing and vibrant metropolitan area of over 1 million people and second, their lack of protection from both the encroachment and visitation they receive. More than just being important to human inhabitants, the Wasatch are critical habitat for over 1,200 species of flora and fauna and is also part of the Western Corridor. In the past year the Wasatch Mountains, which act as the watershed for the million-plus residents living nearby, saw nearly six million user visits. That’s roughly equivalent to the combined visitation numbers for all five of Utah’s National Parks, but in an area one fifth the size of those iconic parks. The Wasatch Mountains are the cornerstone of the community, and an essential part of the history of Salt Lake City. 

Coalatree is partnering up with Save Our Canyons by donating 10% of all contributions to our new Kickstarter Campaign that are made using the link below.

 All contributions will go towards:

  • Support for an increase in year-round public transportation in and out of all major canyons
  • Continue building our community to unify and strengthen our collective voice
  • Implement a Management Plan for the Central Wasatch that will put an end to ski area expansion, and design a recreation system that is in harmony with watershed and wildlife
  • Put an end to the exploitation of the resource and attain a resilient future for the Wasatch
  • Promote volunteerism, educate and engage youth, and giving back to the place that gives us an unparalleled quality of life

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For more information about Save Our Canyons and ways to get involved through volunteering or donations please visit:  


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