Our Newest Giveback: Adopt-A-Native-Elder

“In the greatest food-producing nation on earth, several thousand Traditional Navajo Elders living on the reservation face hunger and economic insecurity every day. The status of elderly Navajo is, to put it simply, poor.”

For the last 35 years the Adopt-A-Native-Elder (ANE) program has been working to improve the lives of Navajo elders. This group of traditional indigenous people carries with them traditional practices of their culture and art. ANE is a volunteer-based, local Utah non-profit committed to making a difference and improving the living conditions for these Indigenous Navajo Elders, while preserving their culture and lifestyle.

With over 570 Elders enrolled in the ANE program and more than 50% of the reservations population living below the federal poverty level, assistance is essential. Many live in poor conditions and have dealt with hardships all their life. With no means to support themselves, ANE intends to bridge the gap and give back without any intention of receiving anything in return.

We at Coalatree are dedicated to preserving and protecting places and the people who keep them sacred. In partnership with ANE, we are committed to supporting these Elders. 10% off all sales with the Headdress logo will go directly to ANE and a Navajo Elder in need.

There are a number of ways you too can get involved and support a Native Navajo Elder. To learn more about ANE and how you can assist, visit www.anelder.org.

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