6 Out-of-the-Box Uses for Coffee Grounds

Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day. That’s a lot of coffee considering some 150 million Americans alone drink some sort of coffee beverage at least once a day. Now think about the coffee grounds that our worldwide coffee habit is producing. Luckily these grounds aren’t all going to waste! Coffee grounds are a versatile material that can be used in a number of ways, some of which you might never have imagined. Here are a few awesome ways coffee grounds can be put to good use.

Use them to neutralize odors

Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen which can help absorb and eliminate odors. Coffee grounds can be used in a number of ways to remove harsh odors. You can rub it on your hands after cutting onions. You can place an open container of grounds in your refrigerator to eliminate powerful smells. You can throw them in your garbage can to make it odorless. And you can place them in your closet or drawer to act as a natural air freshener.

Sprinkle your garden with nutrients

Using your old coffee grounds as a fertilizer for your plants can give them an added boost of nutrients they might not otherwise be getting. Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron; all important minerals for plant growth. Plants absorb the nutrients in the soil as they grow, which can leave the soil worn-out. Adding coffee grounds to the soil can reinvigorate it and create a more welcome environment for plant growth.

Scrub away kitchen build-up

Coffee grounds have antibacterial and antiviral properties, making them effective sanitizers. They are also abrasive so they can remove tough build-up. Rather than using harsh chemicals to clean your kitchen, give coffee grounds a try. Use them on your grill to remove charred food particles or tackle your kitchen sink and make it look like new.

Repair furniture scratches

Whether its new or old, scuffs and scratches on wood furniture can be a real pain. Next time you spot one, don’t stress. Coffee grounds act as a natural dye and can be used to cover up those scratches. A thick coffee ground paste can be applied directly to the scratch. After a few short minutes, your furniture can be good as new. By dying the exposed wood a darker color, the scuff or scratch is hardly noticeable anymore.

Repel mosquitos and other insects

Caffeine and other compounds found in coffee grounds can be highly toxic to some insect and can be an effective repellant. Next time you encounter those pesky mosquitos or fruit flies, try using coffee grounds! They can also create an effective barrier to ward away slugs and snails when placed around your garden.

Turn it into a hoodie

The new Evolution Hoodie is reinventing the hoodie you thought you knew. To create this work of art, coffee grounds are combined with recycled plastic bottles and incorporated into the yarns surface. This new material contains many characteristics of the coffee grounds it is infused with. A few being its antimicrobial and deodorizing properties, as well the ability to dry 200% faster than traditional cotton, plus UV protection. The jacket is jam-packed with other awesome features including its packability, front zipper pouch, and three hidden pockets.


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