Moms: Pack for an Adventure

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Are you ready to go on an adventure? Sounds exciting to go on an “adventure”, doesn’t it? Let’s face it with kids and the right attitude, any family getaway qualifies as an adventure! Whether your next big adventure is taking your kids on an overnight trip to a nearby campground, a weekend at our state’s capital, the beach, or mountains, what you pack makes all the difference. When you are prepared with travel essentials, you are truly ready to step out on your next adventure. Below are a few items that I’ve compiled for the ultimate adventure.

Adventure Gear for Near or Far

Adventures for my family can be as simple as an escape in the woods for an overnight camping session or at our nearby Clay’s Park.  If your family is the outdoors type too, check out Coalatree. Coalatree has a line of products that are eco-minded and perfect for the average suburban family, city folk, and weekend warriors to get out in the great outdoors. They have hammocks, blankets, apparel, and more to get your outside in comfort!

We had the chance to check out their Loafer Single Hammock. Small and compact to pack, you can take it with you on any and every adventure.  It is easy to set up and can hold up to 450 lbs, so you’ll feel safe, supported and comfortable lounging beachside, in the woods, or your own backyard. My son is into bushcraft, in which you keep everything you need to survive the wilderness in one bag.

He keeps this hammock in his bag, for whatever adventure comes his way. Often, it’s in his fort compound in the woods! He was out late into the evening last night because he fell asleep in his hammock. I don’t blame him, if you saw my Facebook Live video below, you’ll see just how comfortable it is.

Coalatree’s products are practical, stylish, and functional – perfect for weekend adventures at home or anywhere.

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