Kayaking on the Alsesca River

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My name is Sofia Reinoso, I grew up in the heart of the Veracruz a beautiful state in Mexico, surrounded with green leaves, rivers, mountains; everything you can dream of. I started kayaking when I was 15 and it has become my passion and lifestyle.

Kayaking is what it wakes me up in the mornings and what I dream when I am a sleep. I almost have no words to explain what I feel when I am on the water, it is a feeling of joy, love and freedom. 

Kayaker going down the Asesca River

Growing up in a family where we make our living off of the river, is hard not to care about it. To me is so important to take care of the environment. I have always cared about nature, more specifically the river, because it is where we can all share and appreciate our lives in different ways. 

Throughout out my life I have gotten so much from kayaking, the rivers, the community and even though my goal in kayaking is always growing. My biggest dream is and has been to give back to both nature and our community. 

Sofia  Reinoso kayaking

Thirteen years ago my parents and legend Tom McEwan decide to make a kayak race on the Alsesca river, my home river. The main objective of the event is to raise awareness for the preservation of the Alseseca and other rivers in the area. Another goal is to increase the community and visitors’ awareness of this beautiful region and promote the value of clean rivers. A large portion of garbage is always picked up during the race as a way to maximize the amount of help we give to this incredible place. The Alseseca River was previously being contaminated by the development of farms and little towns around its headwaters. This same scenario has happened and will continue to happen with many other rivers around the world. Which is why I find it crucial to act and with the Alseseca Race we have had the opportunity to make a change and I hope to continuo to do so throughout my life. 

Sofia and the competitors of the Alseseca Race

The community of kayaking is helpful, loving and strong, athletes push each other to run bigger things, push each other to kayak more, to be better. But my goal is to share this amazing sport with more people, more kids, make it accessible in places where it’s not. I have run a few programs in south America with aiming to grow the sport and empower women. 

I know that little by little the small efforts that we all put in will pay off. So share, love and appreciate ! 

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