Helping the Gateway Communities of Southern Utah

- Coalatree x Blacksmith x WANDRD x Wolfgang Man & Beast x Nyose -

Ten Thousand Masks Giveback Initiative.

Every community's experience of COVID 19, while different, is one that has not been endured without difficulty and not overcome successfully without the help of impactful organizations stepping in to offer support when possible.

Utah is a state whose major population centers have great access to nature and outdoor recreation. Natural spaces are considered by many to provide safe tranquil areas that people can seek out and spend time in to improve physical health, mental health, and overall long term well being. 

Salt Lake Valley, (where the majority of Utah residents reside) has some of the nation's highest-ranked hospitals, most robust healthcare facilities, and a plethora of resources available to help those negatively impacted by the disease. 

With that being said, considering such a large percentage of Utah’s population is concentrated in such a small area, the desire for people to escape to nature, and engage in outdoor activities to obtain some sense of normalcy and comfort during trying times like these becomes apparent.  “Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we expect an increase in visitation at our state parks,” Sand Hollow State Park Manager Jonathan Hunt said. 

While visitors of Southern Utah tourist attractions will eventually return home, the potential mark that these visitors may leave on gateway communities could be drastic if the proper precautions are not taken. 

Increased visitation poses a serious threat to the well being of small rural communities and residents throughout the state that are already limited in their EMT services.  The potential spread of Covid-19 poses an increased risk to small towns with a higher age demographic and no accessible supplies.  Developing strong Covid-19 task forces within the community and partners is crucial in keeping the towns safe.

Since the inception of the pandemic, Coalatree and other Utah based companies such as Wolfgang Man & Beast, WANDRD, Blacksmith International, Noyse and more have sought out ways help to make substantial positive impacts on these gateway communities and do their part in helping them ensure the safety and health of their community members. The Utah Outdoor Association was also a key component of this giveback in helping connect brands with those in need. This initiative comes not only from a genuine desire to help make a difference, but also from a shared feeling of responsibility to help support areas known for phenomenal recreation opportunities that people who purchase products from these brands so often enjoy.

Through the collaborative efforts of Coalatree, Blacksmith International, WANDRD, Wolfgang Man & Beast, and Noyse the Utah based brands were able to donate enough money to produce ten thousand masks and donated to the town of Boulder to help combat the spread of COVID 19. 

Devaki Murch, a corner-stone of the outdoor community since the 1990s and representative of the city of Boulder met with Coalatree founder Charlie Bessey on June 1st, 2020 to receive the 10 thousand mask donation that will be dispersed to residents of Boulder, other gateway communities and to people in need throughout the surrounding area over the coming months. 

“ It means so much to have local brands support our rural communities. Their efforts to help keep our communities safe and ultimately keep those traveling through these gateway communities safe will make an impactful and positive difference on Utahn’s around the state!”

- Devaki Murch


If you would like to learn more about all of the giveback initiatives that Coalatree is involved in, please visit the about section of our website. 

 If you or someone you know does not have access to affordable PPE, please contact us at and we will do our best to help!

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