Four Utah Hot Springs You Can Visit This Fall

The leaves are changing and the winds are shifting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy sunshine and warmth. We’ve come up with a list of four of our favorite hot springs right here in our humble state of Utah. Visit them before the snow flies or add them to your bucket list!

Horseshoe Springs
Hovering around 70 degrees, Horseshoe Springs is more mild than most hot springs you’ll encounter. It’s located in Skull Valley and is a Wildlife Management Area, meaning you can soak in the heat while soaking in views of migratory birds and waterfowl. The name comes from the shape of two separate springs that converge here, and the stream that results flows north into the Great Salt Lake. Tread lightly, however: this unique ecosystem has been damaged by visitors trampling the wetlands. Stay on the trail and keep to the boardwalk when hiking and fishing.

Meadow Hot Springs
These pools are located so close to I-15 it’s amazing how infrequently we see people here. Thanks to the water continually running into a stream, the main pool here has crystal clear water to soak in. It’s fairly deep—chest-deep for most folks—but there’s a piece of rope threaded through a PVC pipe strung through so you can enjoy a sit right in the middle of the pool. There are a couple of other pools with warm, not hot, water, and paths leading to each. Though you should respect the land wherever you go, note that these springs are located on public property so be extra vigilant in order to keep them accessible to the public.

Lava Hot Springs
OK so it’s not in Utah, but we love Idaho and in any case it’s not far away. These mineral-water pools range from 102 to 112 degrees and are in a fancy resort, so you can treat yourself to a weekend getaway and relax. Plus the area around the pools has heated floors (how cool is that?) so even in the brisk fall evenings your feet will stay warm. The brave ones out there can take part in the Polar Bear Float, racing down the Portneuf River in the dead of winter.

Fifth Water Hot Springs
Very popular with the locals, Fifth Water Hot Springs is one of those gems you’ve got to earn the right to enjoy. It’s a 2.5 mile hike in with moderate elevation gain, so bring plenty of water and other essentials. But once you’re there, you’re rewarded with spectacular pools in a mountainous forest. A number of rock pools have been built and each pool has a slightly different temperature, so you can find the one that’s just right. The pools are situated right near a waterfall for even more serenity.

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