Five Reasons Our Family Loves the Puffy Kachula

Words and photos by Coalatree Ambassador Eric Bennett

For our family, nothing is more important than being in the outdoors. So when the weekend comes around, it means we are packing up and heading somewhere awesome to explore, photograph, and enjoy ourselves in the wild. We always make sure to bring a few Kachula blankets to use for sitting, towels, bundling up, pillows, and anything else we can think of! When the new Puffy Kachula came out, we were excited to take it out in the colder, winter weather that we’ve been having here in Utah.

1. The Puffy Kachula is significantly warmer than the normal Kachula blanket of course. With its fluffy filling and insulation, it makes for a cozy blanket to wrap yourself up in around the campfire or to bundle up your kids at night. With the puffy hoody it is extremely easy to wrap around yourself and is a lot more insulating as well. Our kids put it over their sleeping bags and said they were very warm even though the temps dropped below freezing that night. On a super frigid weekend like that, we are super happy we had that extra layer for them.

2. The Puffy Kachula is still very durable, waterproof, and stain proof, so we can let the kids use it outside and we don't have to worry about it getting ruined. Sitting around the campfire the embers never burnt any holes and the soda we spilled on it even came right off with just a light shake. It’s nice being able to take a warm and cozy blanket that you don't have to be afraid of using in harsh and rugged environments.

3. The Puffy Kachula is significantly more fluffy and comfortable as a pillow at night. I love how it serves as both a blanket and a pillow for your head, so we can pack one less thing in our car or in the backpack on long treks. We also found it to be quite light compared to other backcountry pillows we have used in the past. Saving weight is a big deal for us since we usually end up having to carry our kid’s stuff as well as our own.

4. The Puffy Kachula is very affordable. We had shopped around for other down blankets we could take camping and we were looking at spending anywhere around $100-$250. The Puffy Kachula for just $109 is a great deal and right now you can even preorder it through Coalatree’s kickstarter campaign for just $78! That's a steal!

5. The Puffy Kachula packs into its own small pouch and not only serves as a pillow but also a nice little sack to stuff other things in to stay organized. In airports, I love to carry it as a pillow to use on the plane and keep things like my passport, phone, and headphones inside as well. That way I don't have to carry any extra bags and I can keep all of my stuff I’ll need during the flight in one, easy place.

With the colder months coming up, it’s a no-brainer to get yourself a few of these. It’s definitely a valuable piece of gear that will quickly become a family favorite for every trip.

For more photos of the places Eric and his family have traveled, visit his website or check him out on Instagram. 

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