Ferment : The Origins of a Home Bakery

Words and Video by : Brian Szymanski
What’s not to love about bread, bikes, and pursuing a business dream with your best friend? For Rafaelo Infante and Andre Gruber, there’s not a whole lot, as they combined all three in their booming bread business, Ferment. They have only been baking for about 6 months but are already cranking out an impressive amount of bread from their home in Boulder, CO.
Photo of dough
This short documentary by Brian Szymanski and Ian Glass takes a look at the origins of Ferment and explores how Rafa and Andre plan to create a zero waste bakery while strengthening the community around them.

Photo of bread in oven

It is the first film of a series called Baker’s Dozen, which focuses on bakers running small-scale bakeries. We see what inspires these sourdough slingers, what scares them and what drives them to perfect their craft. The goal is to champion the people behind our bread and speak to the reasons why they bake, which extend far beyond getting a nice crumb. Woven throughout their stories are messages of sustainable food practices, the importance of community and the benet of rethinking the ways we consume food.

Photo of two men in kitchen

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For more information about Rafa and Andre, visit www.fermentboulder.com


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