Essentials for a Winter Overnight

Words and photos by Coalatree Ambassador Hunter Page

It’s safe to say we all love camping on a nice summer night. For many, many reasons, but mainly because it’s not freezing outside. And just because it’s now winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a night in the snowy white landscape. Here are a few items to help you stay warm and comfortable throughout your night so you can wake up to some fresh snow.

Sleeping Pad with an R Value of 2.8 or higher

This means that while your pad is on the freezing snow, cold air won’t fill your pad and make you cold. It will reflect your own body heat to keep you warm. I use the X-Therm Pad by Thermarest, with an R Value of 5.6.

A quality Sleeping Bag

I always use down for my bags because they’re the best warmth to weight ratio. I use the Nitro 0F by Sierra Designs. Also, just because the bag says it’s a 0F degree bag doesn’t mean that it actually is. Go to their website and be sure that it’s true.

Base Layers

Get yourself some Merino Wool Base Layers to hang out in and sleep in! I use the Merino Wool Base Layers by Minuss33. 

Tip: most sleeping bag ratings assume you’re wearing base layers. 

Get a tent (not from walmart!)

Though you may think you need a four season tent, you don’t. Just get a decent three season tent with good vestibule room to stash your backpack and boots. I currently use the Copper Spur HV UL 2 Tent by Big Agnes.

Tip: Boil some water, pour it into a stainless steel bottle then snuggle up with it all night to keep you toasty warm! Also, throw your down jacket in your sleeping bag to add extra warmth.

Using this knowledge will help you stay happy and warm while on your winter campouts! The more you go out, the more you will learn tricks to have a more enjoyable time. Get out and enjoy our natural places.

P.S - Please respect wherever you are. Don’t leave trash behind, if you see it, pick it up. Thanks for reading.

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