"Do More, Wash Less:" GearJunkie Reviews the Trailhead Pants

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Crush routes and conquer peaks in comfort and style with Coalatree’s new Trailhead Adventure Pant.

Amassing $424,466 for its Kickstarter goal of $15,000, the Trailhead Adventure Pant is the highest funded technical pant of all time.

From Coalatree, the Trailhead Adventure Pant retails for $90 and is built for outdoor adventure. It’s constructed with four-way stretch, fends off water and stains, and has antimicrobial fabric. We tested these at home and on climbing treks to see if they’re worth the hype.

In short: Coalatree’s modern take on the multi-purpose hiking pant is a durable, lightweight, and comfortable option for long days on the trail or putting up routes at your local crag. Made with tear-resistant nylon ripstop, the Trailhead Adventure Pant might be a front-runner for the most versatile hiking pant.

The Review

When I received the pants, I slipped them on, and they fit perfectly. I was initially nervous about the sizing because both website reviews and the company representative cautioned the pants run small.

I’m on the slim side, at 5-foot-10 and 145 pounds, so if you have tree-stump-sized thighs, they might be snug.

I found the fit to be stylishly slim without being overly tight, and I was able to wear a pair of long underwear underneath without feeling restricted.

I usually climb and hike in more rigid pants. But the Trailhead Adventure Pants felt more like Netflix-binging loungers than outdoor performers.

My concerns about performance were quickly laid to rest, however. When I tested them on a brisk 35-degree Fahrenheit hike, the nylon ripstop fabric felt thin, but it remained warm and blocked wind well.

The next day I wore the pants climbing at a local gym. I was once again highly impressed with the performance of the pant. The four-way stretch made stemming and any dynamic movements a breeze.

Coalatree Trailhead Climbing and Hiking Pant Review

These pants also boast a water- and stain-resistant finish. To test this, I rinsed them off first thing when I got home from the gym. I tend to look like someone who has been rolling around in a giant pile of narcotics every time I leave the climbing gym. The pant didn’t seem to collect much chalk, and whatever was left quickly rinsed off in the shower. After I hung them out to dry, they were ready within the hour.

Coalatree Drawbacks

My only hangup while climbing was the drawstrings at the cuff of the pants. I tend to not like ankle drawstrings as they can get caught on trail hazards, come untied, and sometimes don’t look the best. You can cuff the pant to roll up the drawstrings, but I found the cuff was loose and a little awkward, a small performance and style drawback for me.

The company’s website dubs the Trailhead Adventure Pant as “the outdoor pant you can wear to the office.” While this might be true in an environment that is accustomed to casual work attire, the pant looks far too casual for office wear in metropolitan areas.

Coalatree trailhead adventure pant review

I tried them on with a pair of nice shoes and didn’t like the way the drawstrings and soft cuff laid up with the shoes. It also has an elastic waistband that looks rather unflattering with a tucked-in shirt.

If you work at an outdoor company in Boulder, Colo., it may be a good look. But these probably won’t be an appropriate choice for business-casual settings in Manhattan.

Final Thoughts

The Coalatree Trailhead Adventure Pants present a comfortable, flexible, affordable, multi-purpose outdoor pant.

They’re great for traveling, climbing, hiking, and lounging. And with nearly a half-million dollars contributed to its launch, the Trailhead Adventure Pant is likely to become a go-to for many outdoor enthusiasts.

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