5 tips to Travel Photography with just a single lens

Written by Chase Davidson

Let’s look at a few points to get the most memorable
travel photos with just your camera and one lens.

My suggestion for travel photography is to have a lens
that’s got a wide focal range instead of a prime lens.
This will give you much more variance in what you’ll be
able to shoot without cropping.


-> Tip 1: Use your surroundings 

Many photos are often shot from a tourism influenced structure that offers  unquestionably amazing views but comes with the fact that everyone else has the  exact same photo. By using your surroundings to better frame the landscape or  subject, you can create distinction between your own personal photos and the  others shot from the same location. 

Hint: Use puddles to create fun reflection shots! 

Use Your Surroundings: Travel Photography Tip

—> Tip 2: Wake up early 

Not only is sunrise and the subsequent golden hour that follows often times the  best lighting for photography. The earlier you get to a destination, the better  chance you have of beating tourists and especially those big buses filled with  people. 

Hint: Pack a small breakfast to go instead of eating at your hotel to get a head start. 

Wake Up Early: Travel Photography Tip

—> Tip 3: Don’t let weather dampen the mood 

Weather can have an everlasting impact on your perception of a destination but  bad weather can be equally enjoyable to shoot in. If it’s not a hurricane, a little rain  is no problem and can easily be mitigated with a small umbrella giving you enough  cover to shoot. 

Hint: No tripod? Use your surroundings to create a stable base for a long exposure photo! 

—> Tip 4: Take advantage of the window seat

There’s no denying, if you’re on public transit of any kind, you’ll want a window  seat to get the best views. Did you know you’re able to use your camera whilst  flying? Believe it or not, some people are under the influence that you can’t have  your camera out during take off but you can and you should! 

We live in the age of drones but having a window seat can give you a view that  even a drone can’t offer. Take advantage of it! 

Hint: Purchase a circular polarizer for your everyday lens to eliminate reflections and glare from windows. 

Take advantage of the window seat: Travel Photography Tip

—> Tip 5: Don’t worry about embarrassing yourself 

Take a selfie wherever you feel like it. Don’t let the thought of others judging you  stop you from getting down on the ground for a shot. Sometimes the dumbest  looking positions produce the best results! 

Hint: Don’t have a wide enough lens to capture a whole scene? Take multiple photos and stack them together afterwards using Adobe  Lightroom or similar applications.

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