Utah Goes to Tokyo


First of all just say it a few times, Tok-yo Toy-yo Tok-yo, I think it is one the most entertaining words to say. 

Well it’s just as entertaining as it sounds. Welcome to the world's largest metropolitan city housing 37 million human beings. With all of those brains working together they have created a pretty genius place through and through. Somehow it’s one of the cleanest cities but yet the concrete jungle goes on for miles, 56 miles by 16 miles just to give you a visual. You would think a city of this magnitude must suffer from air pollution? You thought wrong! Due to the gorgeous, huge amount of trees and foliage that grow in the city, they naturally clean the air by absorbing odors and pollutant gases. On top of cleanliness it is incredibly safe, theft and robbery rarely happens. I even watched a man who worked for their metro system wave to the train conductor that everyone was on board safely before the subway took off, now THAT’S unheard of. And if that doesn’t blow your mind a photographer I work with left his extremely expensive camera on the subway seat for FOURTEEN hours and came back it was STILL there in the exact same spot. There is truly an admirable amount of morals and values that lie in this beautiful place.

The WHY! Why was I in this gorgeous place devouring the most delicious eats (which stay tune for, I’ll get you to drool in a moment) - the World Trade Center Utah Mission with Governor Gary Herbert! Coalatree was specifically selected and invited to attend this event along with nine other Utah businesses. We had meetings with well-respected manufacturing companies, including the Mitsubishi world HQ. The highlight of this trip was the evening spent in the US Embassy Tokyo where we mingled, had dinner, and heard the vision Governor Herbert has for Utah and Japan -coming together in business to create the best of both worlds. Later to find out that the same room we gathered in was the same place the peace treaty was signed by general McArthur during WWII. It gave me chills and still does- reverent chills.

Next up: FASHION. Tokyo is one of the fashion capitals of the world! The quality that is made in Tokyo is incomparable to anything else. You know when you buy something there it will last you a lifetime and then your grandchildren’s lifetime. From the stitching down to the quality of fabric. Every detail is thought about. As a professional wardrobe stylist what I appreciate most about Japanese fashion is the risk-taking. They are so advanced and leaders in trend-setting. I left Tokyo making a promise to my creative genius within me that I would take more wardrobe risks in honor of this fashion forward place. ;)

I promised to make you drool so here it is. Japan has so many unique flavors to offer, you can find it all! Let’s start at the conveyer belt sushi (made fresh to order) that is roughly $2 a roll (yes I said $2.00). Then if you want to check out their markets they have delicious Yakitori (skewered chicken)- now if you’re like me and love seafood they even have skewered crab, it is pounded and then seasoned to a spicy perfection, cooked right in front of your eyes. Or you could go for the classic ramen or soba noodles. But warning, it is so tasty that ramen is never the same after you try it in Tokyo. If you like to get creative with your taste buds the Okonmiyaki (Japanese savory pancake) topped with pork belly, sweet balsamic glaze, and cabbage coleslaw is absolutely delightful. And last but not least Japan is known for their unique sweets. For example they have over 12 flavors of Kit-Kats, even a Wasabi flavor. Some other unique treats include sweet potato flavoring in their baked treats and milkshakes, soufflé style matcha pancakes, mini Japanese style cheesecakes, and taro flavored ice cream, candies, and bubble tea.

I am so grateful I got to experience a new culture and to find a greater love for all things Japanese. I hope you can too

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