Teaching Kids to Kayak in Chile

Words and photos by Coalatree Kayaking Ambassador Aniol Serrasolses. Learn more about the Serrasolses Brothers Program here.

As a professional athlete I reached a point in my life journey in which I wanted to share my passion for kayaking and love for river conservation. As I progressed in the sport I began to understand the importance of leaving a legacy, and I started dreaming about an educational program that could contribute to the sustainable development of the international whitewater community.

Soon enough, the Serrasolses Brothers Program was born. A kayak school for children, SBP focuses on youth with talent and motivation but little means to paddle.

The first edition of SBP took place in February of 2018 in Futaleufu, a town located in the northern region of Chilean Patagonia, and provided six kids with all necessary gear and support to learn the sport. The main goal of the program is to teach kids how much fun and life-changing kayaking can be, as well as the importance of maintaining free flowing rivers. SBP encourages each participant to become an ambassador, motivating and inspiring others to lead lives full of well-being near the river.

I really identified with these kids because we share a similar story: a humble background and a huge drive to kayak. They really valued the opportunity and took advantage of every minute in the water. It was so significant to
give them a chance! They have potential to become great whitewater kayakers and river keepers.

SBP is possible thanks to the generous and committed support of both companies and individuals who are passionate about kayaking and river conservation. It is a collaborative project that is growing in a very organic way. We are stoked to help and excited to keep the program alive!

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