HiConsumption: "12 Best Hybrid Adventure Shorts"

Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt from an article originally posted on HiConsumption. Read it here.

There was a time not that long ago that outdoor adventure gear normal everyday apparel were two different categories of clothing. However, as time has gone by, it’s become more and more apparent that – for some of us, at least – outdoor adventure is a part of everyday life. And that means our garments need to be a bit more versatile.

We’ve seen lots of jackets over the years that perform well both in the city and the backcountry. Same goes for pants, especially recently. But now – finally – hybrid shorts appear to be a part of the norm. And that’s a wonderful thing for any guy that wants to go from a waterfall hike straight into running errands or even just hanging out with friends. If you happen to be one such guy, then you’re in the right place, because we’ve rounded up the 12 best hybrid adventure shorts for men on the following list.


The logical next step in their line of Trailhead apparel, Coalatree’s Trailhead Adventure Shorts are the more summer-friendly version of the adventure pants of the same name. With the exception of their length, their built to the same rigorous standards – with a stretchy, waterproof blend of ripstop nylon. They’re comfortable (thanks in part to a stretchy elastic waistband), durable, and look great. Put these on when the weather gets warm and we bet you won’t want to wear anything else.

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