Coalatree giveback to Australia Zoo

2020 has been a long hard year and things started out especially rocky for thousands of people and animals throughout Australia. One animal that neared the verge of extinction was the koala, our beloved mascot for over 10 years. Hearing of the threat to the koala population, we knew we had to act and find a way to do our part. While many great organizations provided opportunities to support, we chose to focus our efforts towards the Wildlife Warriors Worldwide at the Australia Zoo.

The Wildlife Warrior program was established by Steve and Terri Irwin in 2002. Their purpose is to protect injured, threatened, or endangered wildlife both an on individual level and species wide. With the support of the Australia Zoo, the Wildlife Warriors have been able to make a real difference. 

For the entire month of January, we donated 10% of all orders to the Wildlife Warriors program who has treated over 90,000 animals since 2004. As the bushfires ran rampant throughout Australia, the Wildlife Warriors were hard at work providing aid to animals in need.

We were absolutely blown away by the support we received throughout this giveback campaign and we were able to donate $10,000 to the Wildlife Warriors to support wildlife recovery in Australia.

Still considered “functionally extinct”, the koala population is still in decline. However, through the aid of organizations like the Wildlife Warriors, many koalas injured in the bushfires earlier this year have now been re-released into the wild.

26 koalas were returned to their habitat into a well thought out community in the hopes that they would breed and grow their population. While only time will tell, a little good news goes a long way with the current state of things.

We have high hopes that these adorable little guys will recover strongly and continue to represent our brand for many more years to come. We are so thankful for the support of our Coalatree family that has allowed us to take part in this awesome giveback.

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