Diamond Java Socks

Diamond Java Socks
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From cup to cloth

Spent coffee grounds are mixed and melted with recycled plastic bottles, then extruded into the fibers that create our Java Hiking Socks. The process requires minimal resources and utilizes sustainable technologies such as solar power, gray water recycling, and more.

made from recycled coffee grounds

We’ve transformed your morning cup and kept the life cycle of coffee going strong! By utilizing discarded materials like coffee grounds and plastic bottles, we’re keeping our waste streams small and making our impact big.

Neutralizes Odors

Coffee is a naturally odor-absorbing material and by weaving the grounds into the fibers, odors are trapped as you sweat.

Dries Ultra-Fast

The material is constructed with microscopic pores which increase its surface area, so moisture is spread throughout the material and the drying process is accelerated.

Eco-Minded Goods

Coalatree works hard to bring you the most innovative technology that supports a healthy you and a healthy planet. 

Eco-Friendly Hiking Socks

Your feet work hard, so make sure they're comfy. Our hiking socks are made from a unique blend of cotton, recycled plastic bottles, and even recycled coffee grounds, so you can look good and feel good. Coffee is naturally odor-absorbing, so no more worrying about what your friends will think when you take off your shoes and kick back in your Loafer Hammock.


60% Cotton / 40% S. Café



Crew height



One size

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Scott Fuller
very comfortable

I find these socks to be very comfortable. They also don't fall down and stay in place all day.

Stéphanie Descart
Super comfy

I was surprised when I first put them on. They are comfy, super soft and just the right amount of stretch. Should have ordered more than one pair.

Comfortable pair of Socks

Cool their made with the coffee ground process which makes them extremely soft and durable... these won't disappoint!

Amazing Socks!

Grab a pair before their gone these are truly amazing!

Java socks - my new faves!

Perfect cushion in the heel and toe. First pair I've ever owned that's not too tight around the lower leg! Not loose either, but just the right amount of stretch. And it doesn't hurt that they look snazzy too!

Melinda Kizer

Comfy, wears well.

Chris Kosberg

These socks fit great and are great quality. Love that they aren’t really thick too.

Pam Komm
One great cup of socks

Who knew? These socks feel so soft and fit perfectly! The price is reasonable, and I feel like a planetary citizen buying them. I do believe the pants are next!

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