Loafer Single Hammock

Loafer Single Hammock
Color: Loafer Single Hammock
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All you need for summer lounging

Keep yourself cool and relaxed all summer long. The Loafer packs into itself and is always ready for an adventure.

Hot hammocks for cool places

Ready to Hang

A lightweight, packable hammock that comes with everything you need to start lounging. Whether you're posting up between two trees or the fire escape of an abandoned building, the Loafer Hammock is ready to hang.


Contrasting stuff sack doubles as a pocket when you're lounging


At just 13.4 oz, you can pack it with you anywhere you go.

Easy Hanging

Two included ropes and carabiners make it easy to secure your hammock anywhere.

Greet the Outdoors

Perfect for anywhere you may venture, be it backpacking through the deep woods, a lazy afternoon at the local park, or a sunny day at the beach.


Parachute nylon

Size & Weight

Measures 108" x 53", weighs 13.4oz

Weight Capacity

Max 400



This product is a not a toy! Please use caution when using this hammock.

Warning! Using this product carriers and inherent risk. Always check for wear/damage/defects before every use. Use at your own risk! 

Use of this product is not recommended for pregnant women or individuals with medical issues. Use at your own risk! 

Take down this product after each use! Prolonged exposure to the elements (especially the sun, water, or wind) may damage the fabric or cause premature wear. 

Please advise weight restrictions of hammock. Injury may occur if weight limit is exceeded. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 220 reviews
      Amanda Drews
      Love our new hammock!

      Hangs easily, comfy and looks great!

      Love this hammock!

      Everyone in our family, including the dog loves this hammock. We are a family of five plus one fur family member and we are always competing for the two hammocks we have. It’s become enough of a problem we had to order another one, lol. Practical info: it dries quick, it’s lightweight and it actually fits back in the bag it comes in and it holds the weight it says it does (my children piling into it together have tested it, insert eye roll here) Plus it looks stunning.

      Ron Adams

      Gave to our granddaughter for her sixteenth birthday and she loved it.

      Jeff Schweizer

      Great looking hammock, strong, compact and well designed.

      Micah Perkins
      The most beautiful hammock ever!

      That’s what my best friend said when she got it in the mail. It’s truly stunning and well crafted. She took it camping and loved it from the first time she got in. She squealed as she laid in it for the first time. She said it felt like a giant hug.

      Well done, you made my best friend smile all weekend with this hammock, thanks for the awesome product!

      Reviewer avatar
      Jose V.
      Space saving is important

      I received it for free. This save a lot of space in my bag for outdoor trip

      Stoney McMahan
      LOVE IT!

      I use my hammock all the time and when it got a rip in it they were quick and very helpful in getting a new one for me. Thanks again! Highly recommend and I will use again..

      John Filander
      Loafer hammock

      Great value, quality product, and eco minded to boot!

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