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Color: Pinstripe
  • Your mask should fit snuggly, but comfortably against your face.
  • Make sure your ear loops are secure
  • You mask should allow for breathing without restriction.
  • If worn for long periods of time, replace and/or wash your mask every 2 hours.

We have partnered with Blacksmith USA, a local Cut & Sew Factory in Utah, to make masks from up-cycled Coalatree materials. These masks are made in Salt Lake City, and are supporting jobs in our hometown. Together we can supply front line workers with the PPE they need to fight COVID-19. Thank you!

Coalatree Staff

buy a mask, give a mask

For every mask purchased, we will be donating one mask to community members in need of PPE. We have also donated 100 masks to the Utah Diné Bikéyah, a Utah organization that assists Native American Tribes in the effort to preserve the Bears Ears Cultural Landscape as a national monument. The masks will be handed out to tribal community members to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


Mask: 100% organic cotton; Mask Band: 2% spandex


Wash after each use. Do not touch your face while wearing mask. Wash your hands before and after using mask. Machine wash hot, dry on high heat. If you are only able to wash by hand, do so with hot water and lather with soap for 20 seconds.

Customer Reviews

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Peter Platt
Even Better

I got the first version of this mask and wore it into the ground, so to speak. The new one is even better: It covers more of the face, and has more elastic so that it both fits more snugly and is easier to get on and off. This is the mask I use when I have to take a mask off and on in short periods. Other ones don't hang well on my ears, and the tie strings on this work really well. Finally, this is the only mask I have ever worn that I get compliments on and queries about!

Patricia Halderman
Good masks

I am happy they are from organic recycled shirts. They fit well. Good masks! They are a bit thin but I wear 2 masks at a time, one is a filter mask.

Susan Kessler
Comfortable masks

These fit my small face well, and the head ties work great.

Janet Bechtel
Great Construction, Comfortable Fabric

I ordered two PPE masks to try them out, and then I ordered more. : ) I often wear my hair in a ponytail, and the top tie strap of the mask rests on top of my ponytail to help "defy gravity". This also keeps my hair from getting caught in the bow I tie. The pinstripe mask fabric is tightly woven, and the straps are made of a soft fabric that is comfortable against my face. At work, I can leave the lower straps tied during lunch, and the mask hangs from my neck so I do not need to put it in my pocket or lay it somewhere.

I am quite satisfied with the masks I received. I can wear a mask bracket under it or not. The masks are holding up well after many washings and look like new. The stitching is still perfectly intact. I appreciate the quality of the masks and that they are made in the United States. Shipping was reasonable, too. Thank you for an awesome product!!

Another awesome product

The mask, just like the button up shirt and before it the fleece are awesome products and still amaze me. These days I’m stuck in a mask for twelve hours and your mask is a definite improvement to what I was having to deal with before! And I hadn’t even realised you guys were helping the local tribes with masks and such. Keep up the great work!

Charles Truman
High quality mask

The cotton layers are a tight weave and the mask shape is excellent, including over nose. The tie strings are plenty long with just enough stretch. I support their Bears Ears partner, too.

Courtnee G.
Awesome mask!

These masks are really well made. I bought two masks to start and they weren’t enough. I now have five so I can use them each day of the week while in college. They really cover the nose, mouth, and chin in a secure way. They wash really well and there was very little shrinking. The only thing I would add is that they are better to wear with a hat or with hair pulled back because of the tie on strings.

Jamie Kosmin
Great fit and LOVE the ties

The fit is perfect--snugs nose and doesn't fog glasses! And the ties are the best--they have some elastic, so they have some stretch, which makes them so much easier to tie. The masks that go around the ears always end up hurting...these don't! I have a big head, my wife has a small one, and these fit perfect for both of us.