Duffel Bag

Color: Black

62 cm (24 in) x 33 cm (13 in) x 53 cm (21 in)

Weight:1025 grams (2 pounds)

55 liters (2 cu. ft.)

  • Fits in overhead compartments
  • U-shaped zipper that runs the length of the bag
  • Backpack straps are removable
  • Nylon webbing handles 
  • Exterior pocket
  • High contrast liner for easy visibility

630D Ballistic Nylon with TPU Waterproof Coating. Made from up-cycled fabric

Spot clean only if needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
When will the purple be back in stock?

I ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ this bag!!! I use it for yoga, weekend outings, and Scout Troop trips. I have the black bag but would ❤️ to get the purple bag too so that I could designate one for yoga and the other one for Scout trips. Will the purple bag come back in stock? If so, any idea when please?



Ron Kaminski

Perfect size! Looks to be my go to weekend and carry-on bag! Well made. Coalalatree scores again.

Danielle Meyers
It does it ALL

Coalatree nailed the design on this bag! Way more affordable than competitors! I love the removable backpack straps, the two separate access areas, the zipper on top and the base zipper. It seems totally durable and waterproof and I look forward to using it I’m fishing excursions or when it starts to rain on hikes! I love that it is the perfect size for carry-on as we will be using this for travel internationally for smaller treks. And a plus is it is sturdy enough to fit all of my massive textbooks!

Marc P.
Solid product

This is my first duffel bag purchase so I can’t speak on if the price point of this bag is worth it in comparison to other products. That being said, I have had this product for about two weeks now. So far, it’s fantastic. The fabric material feels very durable. I personally enjoy the color scheme of the purple and blue. Plenty of pockets and storage space. The backpack straps are a convenient touch as well. My only concern is that I am not sure how well the straps will hold up. The attachment points that rotate are made of plastic. I will say that the plastic feels durable, but I have had bad experiences with plastic pieces in the past.