Camper Hooded Jacket - Womens

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With a long-lasting insulation that keeps its warmth even when wet, six pockets for gloves, headphones, passports, and more, and an internal stuff pocket that instantly turns the jacket into an on-the-go travel pillow, the Coalatree Camper Hooded Jacket is the perfect layer for all your travel and outdoor adventures.

DuPont Comfort Max Fiberfill is a perfect multi-layer padding for low temperatures, resistance up to 20 º F.

Manufactured using the latest technology of carding, provides 4-5 times more insulation than other similar fibers. Each layer of fiberfill weighs a mere 5-10g/sqm which provides a multi-layer real structure with superior performance. Recommended for high-performance equipment both outerwear and sleeping bags.

Customer Reviews

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Barry C.
Great jacket, sorry they are discontinuing it

My wife wanted a second of these (she had teal from when they started these on Kickstarter, now wanted to get maroon) but they aren't making more. We got lucky to get one of the last they have (Sierra helped so much, thanks!), so happy to get it!

Women's Camper Hooded Jacket

I ordered the Women's Camper Hooded Jacket (and the Decaf Denim Pants) as a present for someone. The box arrived a couple of days ago. I left the Jacket (and the Pants) in the bag (inside the box) but, I can tell by looking at it that she will love it! I highly recommend it!

Bought on Kickstarter. Love the concept shame about the womens fif

The Womens fit fits very narrow across the hips. This was a kickstarter offer so I couldn’t exchange it. If I wear it I tend to wear it unzipped as an extra layer.

Robin L
New Favorite Jacket!

This jacket is everything I hoped it would be! It fits perfectly (true to size) with enough room for layering and I love the color combo and internal pockets (so handy for my phone). It's lightweight, which makes it a good choice for travel, and the fact that it has a built-in pouch to fold it into a pillow is an added bonus. I don't think this jacket will be warm enough for me in super cold weather, but it's a perfect three season choice.

Don Eaton
Very Comfortable

I had purchased the men's version of this from Bespoke Post and my wife loved it! So I went online and bought her one from Coolatree. She's so Happy

Cute Lightweight Coat, Great Customer Service

I've had this jacket for about a little over a month now and it's been perfect. This jacket is the perfect light warm layer to grab quickly and feel cute (I got the maroon and the coloring and accents make me happy. I bring it on climbing trips since it's also very lightweight, but still keeps you warm on its own down to probably 40/45. It makes a great mid-layer too if you're trying to layer jackets, especially below 40. I layer it under my heavier winter jacket (peacoat style) and the combination of the two is perfect for keeping me and my thin blood nice and warm on the days it goes down to 25 (as the high for the day)!

For sizing: I got a small maroon jacket. I am about 5'3" with a 27.5" to 28.5" waist, 35 in. bust, a small/regular sized butt/hips, slightly broad shoulders, a shorter torso, and long arms (+2 ape index). I am normally about a US size 4 in pants and a size Small in most tops though it can range from XS to Medium depending on the brand, desired fit (I prefer tighter/closer), and whether I need to the extra room in the bust

Length: It ends just past my butt, which is good since you lose a lot of warmth from there. If you have a medium/large booty, you're probably fine, I could probably fit about another 3" of booty if I had it . However, if you have more than that, you'll either lose some length or need to size up.

Width: Close/Slim, but generally not tight (Generally my personal preference for fit type). The bust stretches to its full width if I pull my shoulders back, but my movement is not restricted at all and I don't feel like anything is going to tear. If I reach all the way forward my shoulders do start to pull tight, but not so much that it is bad to wear casually, just more that I take it off to climb, but I would generally do that anyway. The rest of the jacket body fits perfectly and close to the torso without being otherwise restrictive or too tight.

Sleeves: With arms raised, the sleeves can still hit my wrists and with arms down the sleeves cover at least half of my hand

Pockets: All are big enough to fit large phones and your whole hand.

Overall: I love this jacket and am really happy I bought it. It is great for everything, for layering, for lightweight packing, etc.

Customer Service Story:
My package must have gotten the shipping label ruined while it was en route because USPS suddenly couldn't deliver it and filed a return to sender without telling me why. I contacted customer service to ask to get a replacement ASAP because I was going on a trip to some colder weather and really wanted to have the jacket before I left. They were really nice and even though the jacket was still on route back to them and hadn't quite made it yet, they immediately sent me the replacement order which DID arrive in time for the trip, which I was SO grateful for <3

Sheryl Ahlblad
Jacket and pants

I love both of the products I ordered! Many thanks!
Happiest New Year to you and team

Jennifer Tyler
Warmest jacket and not too bulky

This jacket is the warmest jacket I’ve ever owned and it’s not bulky at all. Typically, I don’t like winter jackets because they are too restrictive but not this jacket. It’s the perfect jacket all around.