Coalatree Organics is focused on making the lives and experiences of people who purchase our products, more sustainable and enjoyable.  We are committed to using renewable energy sources, recycled materials, organic growing methods, and also supporting initiatives around the world that improve and support farmers.  We are always looking for new ways to develop and engineer our products in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly process.  Coalatree is committed to always learning and improving our methods so they are up to our ever-evolving standard.

It is a difficult task to find organic and recycled materials for garments.  We are constantly seeking to work with mills that are partners with Bluesign.  This means that these textile mills are the best available technology of sustainability; which is the sustainable textile solution.  Bluesign has worked to "eliminate harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process.  It sends and controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production".  We are proud that we are able to not only use recycled materials, but to also use Bluesign certified fabrics.

The reason that we are striving to become more sustainable and make more organic products is because we know first hand how much better they are for you.  Our farm in Colorado helps us to constantly improve and enhance our mindsets.  It is a source of inspiration and a constant work in progress.  Each year new projects are completed on the farm and in turn, helps to inspire us.  As a company we always have smiles on our face when heading back to the office from the farm.  It is a great feeling to know that a garment or product we have made will support small farmers and mills around the world.

Tees by EarthSpun

The Earthspun® colors we offer are derived from recycled bottles and other recycled plastics we use to create our fiber. (Green is made from green soda bottles, brown is made from brown beer and root beer bottles (Yes, the plastic beer bottles you get at the ball game or race!), Blue is made from blue water bottles, Grey is made from X-ray films, and black is made from black food trays. 

Each Original Bottle Tee™ saves the equivalent of 6.5 20oz plastic bottles from the landfill and 18 quarts of water by eliminating textile dyeing. All of the colors offered are derived from the color of the material we use to create the fiber.  This eliminates the need for the traditional textile dyeing process, eliminating dyes, saving water and energy. The recycled cotton we use is a postindustrial waste and the recycled polyester we use is a combination of postconsumer and postindustrial waste. 

All Earthspun® Yarns are certified to the Global Recycled Standard and Spun By The Sun in the USA.

Durable water repellent

Older methods for factory application of DWR treatments involve applying a solution of a chemical onto the surface of the fabric by spraying or dipping.

More recently the chemistry is applied in the vapor phase using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) machinery. The advantages of CVD include: (1) It eliminates the use of hazardous and environmentally harmful solvents in the application process; (2) The process requires less chemical; (3) the waterproof layer is extremely thin and has less effect on the natural look and feel of the fabric.

Later advances have eliminated perfluorinated acids, considered to be potentially hazardous to human health by the US Environmental Protection Agency and numerous research studies, insurefrom the application process. 

Better Cotton Initiative

Aimed at promoting a vibrant rural economy that is driven by the sustainable growth of agriculture, we are focused on helping our farmers in the Gujarat State of India.  Our textile mill makes regular farm visits, keeps detailed farm records, and tests soil so that we ensure our goods are 100% organic and non-GMO.  We do not support or purchase BT Cotton or Monsanto products.  This ensures that the fibers we are harvesting are the highest quality and grown efficiently.  We support learning groups to help farmers understand and implement various techniques and skills, which will help them to become more efficient.  Currently, the mill has begun to buy organic cotton directly from the farmers and eliminate the middlemen.  This has helped to put more money in the farmer's and village's pockets and also keeps the price of organic cotton very competitive.

Technical Sustainable Fibers

Due to our diverse and wide reach of sourcing yarns and fabrics, we are able to use natural fiber based technical fabrics.  We have recently started to use hemp in many of our products.  Hemp is known to be a strong fiber, it also adds breathable and anti-microbial effects to the garment.  This limits the use of chemicals that we needed to make a garment moisture wicking and anti-odor.  When you see hemp in our line, it has been carefully implemented to give your garments a low care and a long lasting guarantee.  Other fibers that you will commonly see in our products are flax (linen), OGC (breathable organic cotton), wool, and recycled vegetable matter (huskware).