Eric Bennett has been making a living as a photographer now for well over a decade. While Eric spends most of his time exploring in the deserts near his current home in Utah, photography has taken him to over 30 different countries, from the coastlines of Australia to the glaciers of the Arctic, in search of new experiences and landscapes. The love Eric has for nature and exploration shows through his imagery. In the modern world of landscape photography, Eric sets himself apart by having an unmistakable and unique style. His constant search of unseen places and perspectives has provided him with a refreshing and original portfolio of visual art. Through the combination of his creative vision with advanced post-processing techniques, Eric has been able to teach clients how to improve their photography skills as well.Eric believes that landscape photography has the power to cause people to fall in love with the remarkable, natural beauty of our planet. His travels are motivated by this idea that if he can capture a place in the right way, he can give the world a glimpse of its true value in its unaltered, natural state. Eric hopes that his imagery can inspire a desire in others to protect and conserve the little wilderness we have left. You can find more of Bennett's work on instagram @bennettfilm or here.