Suray Sun Shirt

Color: Sky Blue


The Suray Sun Shirt, helps you enjoy fun in the sun without being exposed to damaging UV rays. With the permanent sun protection that the natural zinc properties in this shirt provide, you can stay feeling good and looking fresh.



Unlike chemical applications that are coated or sprayed on, Acteev does not rely on any post-production treatment or after-market process. Instead, Acteev's zinc ions are embedded directly into the matrix of the molecules, providing protection that lasts the life of the product. This means Acteev performance textiles require less water in the manufacturing process while ensuring they remain as effective as day one.


On the go? Bring the Suray with you. Not only can it stuff into its own pocket, but it also has a carabiner loop, making it easy to attach to any bag.

hidden & secure pockets

Complete with a zippered side pocket with plenty of room for a phone, keys, or snacks, the Suray sun shirt helps to keep you enjoying the moment instead of trying to keep track of your valuables.

odor resistant

The Zinc in our shirt naturally fights odor-causing bacteria, mold, and fungi!



Acteev locks in the environmentally safe antimicrobial protection of zinc ions within superior nylon 6,6, creating yarns and fabrics that naturally provide UPF 50+ protection and combat odor-causing bacteria, mold, and fungi.

Four Way Stretch

moves with you

Our unique fabric features four-way stretch and flat seams, making it easy to move however you need to.


Wash inside out with other technical fabrics. Do not wash with towels or sheets. Machine wash, inside out, delicate with gentle detergent, hang dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
GDG Douglas
Beautiful and effective!

What a great shirt — it fits perfectly and works wonderfully as well!


Both my wife and I love these shirts. They are everything they are advertised to be. Happy wearers!

Great hoodie-shirt for fun in the sun

It might just be the color option I got, but it is somewhat translucent, so I wouldn't wear this by itself if you're uncomfortable with having any part of your torso visible to any degree. Thankfully, it's lightweight and very breathable, so it's no problem wearing this over an undershirt or shirt. It stretches very well so it doesn't feel tight anywhere, even when wearing something under it. My one problem is something that all clothes typically have for someone that's 6'3", and that is that I buy in a size that mostly fits, but the sleeves end up being shorter than I'd like. But since that seems to be a universal problem at this height I'm not docking a point. And again, it stretches very nicely, so I feel like it's more forgiving than other shirts I buy at this size.

I wore it during a hot day recently (around 33C/90F) and I can definitively say that I did not overheat in this despite it being long-sleeved. And I definitely did not feel like I was burning up as much I typically do in short sleeves (UV index 6/7). So overall I'd say it checks all the boxes. It protects, it's comfortable, you can wear it in pretty much any weather, and it cleans up nicely. Another win for Coalatree!

James Stewart
Love it!

The shirt is very light weight, cannot wait til summer to put it to the test but feels very cool so offers sun protection without overheating. Very soft and stretchy, may want to go up a size if you want a looser feel.

Caleb M
This is the sun hoody

I recently took my Suray Sun Shirt on an extensive backcountry test and it's by far the most comfortable sun hoody I've owned. Even caked with days of dirt, sweat, and salt (desert trip), it maintained a pretty soft comfy feel.
Pros: thumb holes are great, hood is roomy, it's super soft even after days without a wash
Cons: the mountain lines color is much whiter than the photo (mine is super stained now but that's the point, ha), the zipper pocket honestly just adds unnecessary weight and I'd prefer to not have it, and the sizing is off: I'm 6'1" and 160 pounds and usually in the middle of medium/large. I ordered a large and it fits like a medium. Probably going to order an XL in the future as I love an oversize shirt.

Overall this thing is amazing. I was unsure if I'd found the best hoody out there when I took it out of the box, but it is doubtless the best I've tried. Looking forward to picking up another someday and future version.

Comfortable shirt

I backed this on Kickstarter and absolutely love it! The material is smooth and lightweight, perfect for Florida weather.

christine Margolin
SPF sun shirt

Very well made. Impressive really. It's kind of thick material and i haven't yet worn it. I'm wondering if it will feel too hot for me.
But it fits great and I've no doubt that it will block harmful rays.

Hiking Bob
Nice shirt, needs some tweaks

Overall this is a nice shirt. As with other items from Coalatree, it's very well made, and you can't help but to appreciate their commitment to use recyclable materials, and to be as eco-friendly as possible.
This shirt is pretty comfy, although may be a tad undersized. It features nice thumbholes at the ends of sleeves, which are a nice touch for this type of outerwear. I can't evaluate it's claims of sun protection, but I am interested in that since I live at high altitudes, where skin cancer rates are higher than average.
My only nit is the pocket. It is not nearly as big as it's described, and if you have one of the newer larger IPhones, Galaxy's or anything of that size, you'll have a difficulty time getting it in. My mid-sized cell phone, with a small case is a tight fit, and there was no way I was also going to get anything else in there. They either need to make the pocket bigger, or better yet, add a second pocket on the other side.