Decaf Denim

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Color: Black

Denim Eco Friendly

Made from recycled plastic and coffee, our denim is stocked with features such as UV protection, odor resistance, and water-wicking properties.


four way stretch

Our pants have four-way stretch, and won't hold you back on any type of adventure.

UV Protection

Keep your skin healthy with our denim! The tiny pores in the fabric trap and block UV rays, turning our jeans into a wearable sun shield.


Keep your valuables safe with our hidden and secure pocket.


Unique fabric inhibits the growth of bacteria so you can do more and wash less.



We wanted to make denim that was both comfortable and better for the planet.


keeps you cool

Not only do our jeans save plastic and water waste, they keep you cool.

saves water


Our denim is made with a waterless dye method, saving gallons of water per pair of pants.


keeps you fresh

Whether it's spilled coffee or a rain storm, our pants are up to the challenge.


It is made out of 89% cotton, 9% Ice Cafe Nylon (which is the recycled coffee and plastic) and 2% Spandex. Each pair contains one cup of recycled coffee grounds!


Turn inside out and machine wash cold with similar fabrics. Hang dry and do not bleach.

Customer Reviews

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Paul Trively
My New Favorite Pair

These are my new favorite pair of jeans. Comfortable, fit great (which at 6'4" with weird proportions is not nothing!), and I love the eco-minded nature of them. My only quip is I was hoping the packaging would smell faintly of coffee. I feel like these are great for those short casual photo walks.

Joshua Stein
Great fit. Very comfortable.

Amazingly comfortable and excellent fit. Almost as comfortable as sweats but keep their looks.

Decaf Denim Pants (Women's)

I ordered the Women's Decaf Denim Pants (as well as the Women's Puffy Kachula Jacket) as a present for someone. The box arrived a couple of days ago. I left the Pants (and the Jacket) in the bag (inside the box) but, I can tell by looking at it that she will love it! I highly recommend it!

Raul Campos
Favorite Pants!

The texture and look of the pants are unique. It's gives me a more upscale casual look than conventional blue jeans. The fit is modern and slim-fit and true to it stated measurements. They are my favorite choice and I like them so much than I added a second pair.

Great jeans!

As advertised. Super-comfortable, fast-drying (compared to other jeans, anyway), look great after repeated wears between washing (I was traveling, don't judge). I'm 6'0 and 196 lbs, and they are too long, however. The need to roll up the cuffs is annoying, but, as another reviewer mentioned, they look good that way, anyway. I learned to live with that singular defect and will be buying another pair or two.

Alex L
Perfect fit

These are great. The fit is great too. Enough length for tall folk. Comfortable, sensible and durable. Love them so much I bought a second pair.

Pleasantly Surprised

Its SO hard to find a good fitting jean that feels good to wear! Before I bought these, I spent a lot of time looking for a jean with a more relaxed fit than slim, but not so baggy that cloth would be flapping around with each step in my peripheral view. I also wanted something with some weight to it because I tend to bang my shins up a bit and it just makes me feel cozy. These were a higher price point than what I wanted to spend, but I'm also tired of trying $20 jeans that I just wasn't quite happy with. As soon as I buttoned these ones, they became my daily drivers! They're WAY more light weight than what I was going for, but I don't hate it because they don't run hot and I still don't feel like my shins are going to get torn up. The stretch is niiiice.... Really NIIICE! I'm hoping that they don't get that stretched out horizontal line at the crotch like so many other stretch pants do, but so far they don't seem like they'll end up like that. I dig the pockets too! The front ones are smaller than typical, but I don't like using my front pockets anyways except for a knife. My main qualm is the price BUT if they hold up, then I'm good with it! Great fit, great feel, interesting materials... I'm stoked on them!

They're worth the price tag

You're looking at these & are shocked by the $90+ USD price tag. I supported the Kickstarter for these and let me tell you, these pants absolutely are worth it . I didn't know how I'd like these so I only got 2 pairs of them. Get these during the sales. They're comfortable, they're stain resistant, water resistant, & gives you SPF 50+ protection. I was in Sedona, AZ with these in July & my legs were NOT sunburned. Even while I was in Phoenix at 110°F weather, the pants helped my legs to not get sunburned. I wish that they came out with these earlier. They also are good at ventilation whenever you're sweating in the heat of the Arizona summers you're not marinating in your own sweat. I'm glad I got these.