Grandview Hammock


All you need for summer lounging

Keep yourself cool and relaxed all summer long. The Loafer packs into itself and is always ready for an adventure.

Hot hammocks for cool places

Ready to Hang

A lightweight, packable hammock that comes with everything you need to start lounging. Whether you're posting up between two trees or the fire escape of an abandoned building, the Loafer Hammock is ready to hang.


Contrasting stuff sack doubles as a pocket when you're lounging


At just 13.4 oz, you can pack it with you anywhere you go.

Easy Hanging

Two included ropes and carabiners make it easy to secure your hammock anywhere.

Greet the Outdoors

Perfect for anywhere you may venture, be it backpacking through the deep woods, a lazy afternoon at the local park, or a sunny day at the beach.


Parachute nylon

Size & Weight

Measures 4.5' x 8', weighs 13.4 oz

Weight Capacity

Max 450 lbs

Ambassador Highlight

Weston Fuller

I should make a coffee table book, just about all the places I’ve gone with my Coalatree hammocks and all the great places it’s allowed me to sit, swing and lounge.

Wes Larson

Working long hours outside, I often don't have the time to find a good place to get rest when I have some spare time off, and the hammock has been a life-saver in those moments. The quick set-up time and comfortable design means that I can have an accessible way to rest just about anywhere there are trees to hang it from. And best of all, the thing is so packable that I don't really have to worry about the space it takes up in my bag when I am headed out into the field. An all-around great hammock at a really great price.

Eric Cadman

I'm so used to the typical, home-use, hammocks – but this one is so much more comfortable than those! And, it’s easy to store and pack away until you’re ready to use it. It’s so convenient that I still have a use for these items as someone who likes hammocks and not hiking – so that’s quite a feat to pull off.

Anna Callaghan

A good old-fashioned, basic swing that’s easy to pack and set up.

Ian Post

My hammock is perfect for 'lazy' days spent writing, drawing, or gazing on the coast. Better yet, it packs away quickly & easily.

Eric Caman, Bespoke Box Review (not an Ambassador)

The short story is that it’s fantastic!


Parachute nylon

Size & Weight

Measures 4.5' x 8', weighs 13.4 oz

Weight Capacity

Max 450 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 140 reviews
Hang from the mangroves in Puerto Rico

Love my new hammock. It’s oerfect for our adventuring through our beloved island of Puerto Rico. Be it to nap on our cacao farm in las marias or hang from the mangroves in guanica, we love this small packing hammock.


Everything about this is awesome!

Awesome hammock

really love this quick and easy to setup hammock. Usually I stay away from hammocks cause im not really good with knots. But this are just so convenient and easy to set up and use.


Loafer Single Hammock - Green/Gray


Gift for another human, who has not received it yet, but I am sure they will dig it.

Great pants!

Super flexible, high-quality trail pants. I'm a fan!

Loafer Hammock

I bought this as a gift because I love mine so much. I wanted my friend to enjoy one as well.

Great Hammock

I sleep in it nightly in my house. It works perfectly.

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