• How Nature Heals the Mind and Body

    How Nature Heals the Mind and Body

    In this modern world in which where we live, many of us city-dwellers can say we are deprived of the healing powers of the outdoors. Office jobs run 9 to 5, and from 5 until bedtime, we find ourselves binging Netflix, staring at our phones, or working overtime. Screen time has taken the place of green time, and the norm seems to be as though we are rushing through life as quickly as possible.
  • Review of the Baseline Layer

    Review of the Baseline Layer

    Written by : Eric Bennett If a hoodie and a base layer had a baby, you’d get this. The new Baseline Mid-layer by Coal...
  • Water Surf Photography 101

    Water Surf Photography 101

    Written By : Dalton Johnson  Instagram : @Daltonjohnsonmedia For those who wield a camera and desire warm beaches, tan lines, and endless waves it ...
  • 8 Tips for 'Forest Bathing'

    8 Tips for 'Forest Bathing'

    Written By : Bertie Cowen America is one of the most stressed out nations in the world. According to an annual Gallup poll (which has been running ...
  • From Boston to Key West by Bicycle

    From Boston to Key West by Bicycle

    Written By : Bill Flagg  Although they are dubbed “trailhead pants”, my pair of blue Coalatree trailhead adventure pants served me best over 2,000...
  • Completing the Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup

    Completing the Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup

    The Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup is a route that circumnavigates Little Cottonwood Canyon, an iconic playground of mountains, valleys, ridges, lakes and ski resorts that sits just above our home town of Salt Lake City Utah. The route is 32 - 36 miles (depending on how well you nail it) and involves almost 20k feet of vertical elevation gain. 
  • Timelapse 101

    Timelapse 101

    Written By : Dalton Johnson  What is a time-lapse? A time-lapse is a collection of still images recorded at a longer interval than a video to captu...
  • How To Travel In 2021

    How To Travel In 2021

    Written By : Jake Bielecki How many of you had travel plans that got cancelled in 2020? Right as I was about to purchase a ticket to Norway, the wh...
  • The Most In-accesible Place on Earth

    The Most In-accesible Place on Earth

    Written By : Erik Boomer This time last year, Sarah and I were guiding an 80-day ski hauling expedition in Antarctica, nea...
  • Six Must See Reflections

    Six Must See Reflections

    Have you ever noticed the stillness during those chilly morning hikes? The hikes where your hands are cold, your nose runs, and you hunker down under three hoods. For some reason, this is the space I begin to thrive.
  • Smart Ways to Save Up for the Trip of a Lifetime 

    Smart Ways to Save Up for the Trip of a Lifetime 

    Most people would like to travel a little bit more. Whether you want to reach a particular destination you’ve always longed to see, you’re checking places off of a bigger travel bucket list, or you simply want to explore, chances are you engage in some hypothetical trip planning now and then. 

  • Gift the Outdoors

    Gift the Outdoors

    Coalatree promotes getting outside because of the positive effects of nature. The amazing power of nature has long been shown to have great effects on emotional, mental, and physical health
  • Fun Moderate Climbs of Indian Creek

    Fun Moderate Climbs of Indian Creek

    Communicating through a message board with handwritten notes, free camping, a water  scarcity, and a bunch of weird people who enjoy cramming their hands, toes, fingers,  shoulders, you name it, into a crack is what makes climbing in Indian Creek special. In whole,  the climbing community is a group of misfits, but there is something more eclectic about the Creek Freaks.

  • Astro Photography 101

    Astro Photography 101

    Taking that first step into the darkness of the night can be a daunting task. At first, frustration will be ever-present as you are inundated with vocabulary, the desire to buy new gear, and the hard reality that conscious practice makes perfect. This post is more about the periphery of astrophotography instead of a traditional “how to create astrophotography” manual that dives into camera settings or editing techniques.
  • Tips for Being a Creative in 2020

    Tips for Being a Creative in 2020

    Over the course of my career as an outdoor adventure photographer to becoming a commercial cinematographer, I've had the pleasure of failing far more than I have succeeded. I say this because these failures have defined my work and drive to continue to chase success, whatever that means. 
  • Conversations with Nature

    Conversations with Nature

    Right now our planet is facing unprecedented threats–forest fires, extinctions, ecosystem collapse–as a result of climate change, pollution, and development. As photographers, I believe we have the power to change the way people see the world, by capturing and sharing images that convey the value of nature in its pure, unaltered state.
  • Whitewater Rivers

    Whitewater Rivers

    When on the river I am ever reaching and searching out my potential.  I identify my thresholds, fears, limitations, and comfort zones - and I gently push them. It isn’t every moment on the water, but it is the best moments where I am singularly focused on one aspect - a technique, a skill, a new approach, an old approach, a new boat, an old boat.  I am looking to challenge myself and to learn.
  • Into the Desert x Coalatree

    Into the Desert x Coalatree

    I’m not sure what it is but the desert speaks to me. It has this energy that I am oddly attracted towards. I find myself going out here all too often. This time, the trip was filled with some odd experiences that were hard to describe and gave more meaning to the slogan “The Land of Enchantment.”

  • Ferment : The Origins of a Home Bakery

    Ferment : The Origins of a Home Bakery

    What’s not to love about bread, bikes, and pursuing a business dream with your best friend? For Rafaelo Infante and Andre Gruber, there’s not a whole lot, as they combined all three in their booming bread business, Ferment. They have only been baking for about 6 months but are already cranking out an impressive amount of bread from their home in Boulder, CO.
  • The Thin Webbed Line

    The Thin Webbed Line

    One of the most liberating things about action and adventure sports is there is no mastery, only progression. This is why high-lining is so appealing to me. When I first saw videos of people walking between cliffs on thin webbing I thought it was the ultimate sport; something I wanted to participate in, photograph and dedicate serious time to.
  • A Guide to Handstanding

    A Guide to Handstanding

    Getting comfortable upside-down is the first step to doing handstands. The first step is simply getting used to being inverted. This can be done by learning a headstand. The headstand is far less intimidating than the handstand and is a nice way of getting used to the upside-down world.