Escalante Kachula

Escalante Kachula

Adapts to your adventure

Use it as a blanket, travel pillow, light sleeping bag, or even an emergency poncho. Snap multiple Kachulas together for a modular blanket system. It's no wonder Outside Magazine named the Kachula one of the Best Adventure Blankets of the year.


Rain or shine, the Kachula is ready. Both sides are coated with an eco-friendly DWR finish to keep you dry. Spilled your lunch? Watch water and other liquids bead right off.


Attach the water-resistant hood to convert the Kachula to an emergency poncho, or keep it stuffed away in a secret zippered pocket when you don't need it.


Use the reinforced snaps to easily connect multiple blankets together or convert to a light sleeping bag. The Kachula adapts to any situation in a snap.


Stuff it into the stash pocket for an easy throw pillow for hammocks, airplanes, and more. Durable zippers and a carabiner loop make it easy to use.


Camping, backyards, festivals, road trips, beaches, airplanes, and more... with the Kachula Adventure Blanket, you can take it anywhere and do anything with it. Rain or shine, the Kachula is ready for it all.


Your go-to blanket for any camping trip, festival, picnic, family adventure, international vacation, and more, the Kachula Adventure Blanket is ready for it all. The blanket stuffs into itself for use as a pillow, has a snap-attached hood to convert it to an emergency poncho, and is packable, water-resistant, and durable.


    Top: Soft brushed nylon flannel, bottom: durable ripstop nylon, both made from 100% recycled materials

    Size & Weight

    Measures 50" x 72" flat; weighs 1 lb 9 oz


    Spot clean as needed. For a thorough cleaning, use a mild detergent in a front-loading washer. Hang dry.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 694 reviews
    Awesome for car camping or hikes on very cold places

    It is indeed a great multi purpose piece of gear, a bit heavier and bulkier for thru hike or even short hikes, specially if u like a small backpack with a minimal and ultralight setup, but for something like car camping and traveling around from bus stations to lot of places (best way to do tourism in some regions) it is perfect size and weight, the poncho mode is great and convenient, specially for cold or rainy conditions, but this mode is also a bit tricky if u are 5'.5" or less, the hood needs some source of tight out for fight savage winds and sometimes water filtration from the neck area specially in crazy stormie days (at least in some regions here in Peru with really radical weather conditions), the weight and packability it is something to consider too, it takes a bit of space if u just throw it to your backpack, (I found out than folded couple times then rolled up like a cigarette is the best way for save space and time when u pick it up from the backpack several times, the included pouch it is also great and its best feature for the high capacity to keep lot of things during a travel (I had there two 750ml water bottles, food, snacks, wallet, phone w/portable charger and cords, beanie w/gloves and other small objects and even with all that I had some free space during a 10h bus route), I also used it to increase the Rvalue of my sleep system in snowy conditions close to some summits specifically here in Arequipa (Misti volcano) from -10°C to -20°C, (BTW I am a very hot sleeper, do not expect same results for everyone and don't risk yourself), so this blanket can warm you up easily, and I am sure it is great for use it in the beach or picnics (not tried that out, yet), but the size and materials are one of the best in the market (if not the best), at least in my opinion. Coalatree u should do a lighter version too for short people and crazy ultralight hikers 👌🏼, meanwhile I am loving it and people always asking me where get one for themselves. U won't regret to get one.

    best multi-use eco blanket!

    I love my beautiful and functional blanket. What's not to love? it is soft, smart and is all you need for the car, for camping, boating, hikes, naps or just because it looks great to wear as a poncho or cape. I will purchase another to snap them together to create a larger blanket, but for now the size is plenty roomy. Such a smart product!

    Car blanket

    Wife Love's her Christmas present. Keeps it in her car to get an early a.m. nap when she gets to work early.

    Great blanket

    Good size, very comfy. I was please that even though it is waterproof, the material doesn't feel like a rain coat. I have yet to use it as a poncho, but given its size and the material, it seems that it will be very effective. I would recommend this product.


    An awesome blanket
    Can’t wait to use it for summer camping and picnics

    Great Product

    Great product


    Nice blanket. No quilting or fleece but warm. Need to evaluate how waterproof it is. Like the hood set up.

    Maine Coon kitten proof

    I never thought I'd be one for camo bed clothes but these nifty blankets have changed my life!

    Willoughby (red girl) and Hank (blackish boy) are typical playful and territorial kittens...albeit quite large at 6 months old. Hank peed on our bed to mark his territory and they both attacked anything moving under the covers all night long!

    I ordered three of these blankets for camping, but after getting fed up with their antics and getting peed on in the night... sacrifices had to be made.

    I snapped two of them together and covered my king size bed. Tiny teeth and sharp claws cannot penetrate the material and Hank only peed beaded up on top of the blanket and soaked his fur! Muahaha

    Funnily enough they love to hang out on the bed now and all but disappear because of the excellent camouflage. I cannot recommend these blankets enough. If they stand up to naughty kittens, imagine how they'll do outdoors!

    I need to buy more!

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