La Playa V2 Kachula Adventure Blanket
La Playa V2 Kachula Adventure Blanket
La Playa V2 Kachula Adventure Blanket
La Playa V2 Kachula Adventure Blanket

La Playa V2 Kachula Adventure Blanket

The internets new favorite blanket! The Kachula blanket raised over a quarter million dollars on Kickstarter in just 30 days. Following that initial success the Kachula has been sold out almost consistently. 

Having a team of avid travelers, outdoor adventurers, and urban dwellers from all walks of life, we didn't find the average sleeping bag always ideal. We wanted to make a blanket that fit a much wider use base than your average sleeping bag or travel blanket. A blanket that would work at the beach, or the ballpark, a family reunion or a music festival,  in the mountains or the city. We did our homework through lots of market research and spending countless hours we were able to create what we felt could be the world's most functional adventure blanket, “The Kachula”.

  • The Kachula is a full size blanket measuring 48"x68"
  • When not in use pack your Kachula away to be a useful travel pillow or seat cushion.
  • When your Kachula is spread out the stuff pocket is a perfect stash spot for keys and valuables to keep them safe and secure.
  • Is one Kachula not enough? Snap them together so the whole family can enjoy a spot.
  • The Kachula is anti microbial and water resistant, minimizing messes means less time washing and more time doing what you love.
  • Attach the included hood to use your Kachula as an emergency rain poncho. 

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The Kachula is ready for every situation:


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Truley Love!!!!

Traditional V2 Kachula Adventure Blanket

Blanket Order

We bought blankets as Christmas presents for our kids who are always outdoors either hiking, camping or watching the grand kids at sporting events and I think they were all pleased to receive them.

Mainstay for each Camping Adventure

We love our Kachula blankets. I watched the video that accompanied the page, when I first came across them and immediately knew we had to have these. The story behind them is kinda funny. I purchased one for my significant other for X-Mas last year along with one for myself and he unknowingly did the same. We laughed when we opened our presents. We like them so much that we kept all four. One stays in each of our SUV's and the other comes along on each camping trip. They have become a mainstay in our collection of quality gear. This product is very well made and keeps you warm. We also love the colors and have all three traditional options. We recommend it for all camping trips!


Traditional V2 Kachula Adventure Blanket


Traditional V2 Kachula Adventure Blanket