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"Damn Near Perfect"

They raised over $400,000 to become Kickstarter's highest funded outdoor pant. Durable, smartly built, and ridiculously comfy, our Trailhead Adventure Pant is revolutionizing the traditional recreation pant.

The Outdoor pant you can wear to the office

Waterproof & Breathable

Don't let a little water ruin your day. Our eco-friendly DWR finish not only repels water, but makes stains and spills bead right off, while maintaining all-season breathability.

4-Way Stretch

Revolutionary four-way stretch features 360* of comfort and moves with you.


Unique fabric inhibits the growth of bacteria so you can do more and wash less.


Constructed from durable ripstop nylon that stops tears before they start.

Stuff 'em and Run

Pack 'em down small by stuffing into the front right pocket. Wear them long or use the drawstring ankle ties to cinch them up to capris. No matter where you're headed, the Trailhead Pants are ready.


bluesign® 88% nylon, 12% spandex with DWR finish, made from recycled materials


10.9 oz


Tear-resistant | Adjustable elastic/drawstring waistband | Ankle drawstrings | Antimicrobial | Water- and stain-resistant | Breathable | Packable | Ergonomic crotch gusset | Bartacked stress points

Ambassador Highlight

Quin Schrock

The Trailhead Adventure Pants are my go-to pants for literally everything. I use them to hike, skate, travel… they’re classy enough to wear to church and rugged enough to withstand the elements.

Eric Bennett

I've never worn a pant so comfortable yet so durable at the same time. Backpacking in the rain and snow or sliding on rocks in the desert, they have always held up and kept me warm and dry.

Weston Fuller

I know these were made for adventuring into the outdoors, but I’ve loved them so much, they’ve become apart of my everyday attire when adventuring around my neighborhood and own backyard.I know these were made for adventuring into the outdoors, but I’ve loved them so much, they’ve become apart of my everyday attire when adventuring around my neighborhood and own backyard.

Matt Meisenheimer

Hands down the most comfortable hiking pants that I've ever worn. I wear them for all activities - photography, backpacking, rafting, and more. Not to mention they look great and fit perfect too. Can't recommend them enough - my #1 pick for hiking pants.

Hunter Page

Whether I am hiking, climbing, or traveling the Trailheads are my go-to pants. I've bushwacked in thorns, snowshoed on peaks and forged through rivers and these are the only pant that can stand the test.

Ian Post

My Trailhead Pant is truly a breath of fresh air--the relaxed fit and four-way stretch fabric allows for a truly cozy experience while traveling, hiking or spending days in the studio.

Alexander Palumbo

I’ve spent years trying to find the right pair of pants for my travels. Jeans were never built for more than a city and would wear out right away, and climbing pants were always cut like parachute pants. I’ve spent years surfing in 4-way stretch boardshorts--and this is the first time I’ve found pants that bring me that same feeling of comfort and freedom. These pants will move any way you tell them to, and that’s the beauty of it. I’ve worn these climbing in upstate New York to hiking under northern lights in Norway. They’re the perfect travel companion, plain and simple.

Fatherly, "The Incredible Hiking Pants are Perfectly Engineering for Dad Life"

They're tough, spill-resistant, and comfortable as hell. Did I mention they're comfortable, too? Because oh baby are they.

GearJunkie, "Do More, Wash Less"

Coalatree’s modern take on the multi-purpose hiking pant is a durable, lightweight, and comfortable option for long days on the trail or putting up routes at your local crag. Made with tear-resistant nylon ripstop, the Trailhead Adventure Pant might be a front-runner for the most versatile hiking pant.

Joe Jackson, Outside Online's Gear Guy

-The best hiking pants.
-They're durable, smartly built, and ridiculously comfy.
-The Trailhead pants are damn near perfect.


Waterproof and Breathable, 4-way stretch, Antimicrobial, Tear Resistant, Packs down into their front pocket for travel or a small pillow. 

Material: bluesign® 88% nylon, 12% spandex with DWR finish, made from recycled materials.

Weight:10.9 oz

Features: Tear-resistant | Adjustable elastic/drawstring waistband | Ankle drawstrings | Antimicrobial | Water- and stain-resistant | Breathable | Packable | Ergonomic crotch gusset | Bartacked stress points

Customer Reviews

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These pants are the best thing I’ve ever worn in my life. From traveling 3 weeks a month and bartending, it just doesn’t get better. They’re so comfortable but looks casual and good enough wear out. Full range of motion in all directions. Drinks get spilled and it just rolls right off.. definitely some of the best money I’ve ever spent on pants.

PS. Please let me know when you all get Black Medium sizes in.. that’s a must buy!

Odd sizing

I'm 6'2" and weigh 225 and am in great shape, I'm big into weight training and have big glutes/ham/quads so I knew I should get the L/XL even though I wear a 32" waist. They ended up still being too small on the butt/crotch. I still wear them even though it outlines my junk. I'm giving this 5 stars still because not everyone has a weightlifting bod and they are great pants for bouldering, backpacking, and lifting.

Great fit and super comfy

Love these pants. I thought they'd be a more saturated blue color bc the pic kinda have a brighter blue- but ehh I still like them. I got a large- just the right fit. I have wider hips, and I'm 5'4. super comfy. Not at all ithchy on the skin. I'm getting the black ones once back in Stock!

Only one problem

The only problem with these pants is I don’t want to wear any others. I ordered two pairs and I literally live in them. I sleep in them all the time and keep them on during the day. They are more comfortable than sweats, they stay in place, and they look good. The only tweak I would make is to use stretch cord and one of those plastic widgets for the bottom of the legs, as the strings kind of whip around and get under your feet sometimes.

What ever the weather!

These pants are my are my go to! Climbing, cycling, hiking or just chilling around the house you’ll never be more comfortable. They are also some durable MFs I’ve eaten it a few time threw gravel and you can barely tell!

Awesome pants

I have been wanting to buy these pants for a while now, finally"pulled the trigger" and ordered them. What a great choice I made! I love these pants. They are the most comfortable "look good" pants I own. They are great for any occasion. I randomly decide to go for hikes, so it's nice to always have on a pants that look good, bit perform well in the outdoors. I can (and have) wore these pants to a formal event and then went hiking afterwards. These truly are the most comfortable hiking pants I have ever had. I love them. I do wish price was a little lower, but I always wish that. I love the deep from pockets, I wish all pants were like these. I ordered a large. I am 5'10" and about 190lbs, they fit great.

Love the pants! A few suggestions...

I'll start by saying I LOVE these pants. The blend of functionality and comfort is still blowing my mind. I would wear these all the time if my wife would allow it haha. They are very durable (although unfortunately within a week of owning them an ember from a fire decided to be devious and land on them burning a small hole but that's nothing against the pants, they're waterproof, not fireproof!).

Anyway, I Iove them but I'm going to nitpick a bit in hopes Coalatree takes these suggestions! I ordered a size small in the slim fit. I'm 6' 145lbs with a runners build. I like my pants to fit pretty slim which is why I ordered the small. They fit well - maybe a bit tight in the waist but I love the way they fit over my legs. But the problem is the length - they sit pretty far above my ankle when not tied up. I would love to see Coalatree create more specific sizes for men and women so I could get a small with more length. In an ideal world, these would rest just at or below the ankle. Another thing that is a minor inconvenience - the ties on the bottom. I love that I can adjust the bottom but I would prefer a different method than ties (maybe a jogger style bottom or elastic with a pull tab? Just a thought). They get in the way when not tied up and my wife thinks the pants look a bit funny if they are tied up.

Like I said, I'm being very nitpicky! Overall I love these pants and would still suggest them to anyone. Those changes would just make them even more perfect (in my mind) than they already are! So basically, buy them and you won't be disappointed!

I wear these every day. Every. Single. Day.

Ok, well I have more than one pair in different colors. First pair purchased over a year ago and still holding strong.

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