Nomad Packable Duffel

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Wes Larson

This little stuff sack duffel looks like it is too small to fit much but I was shocked to see how much I could actually cram into it. It works great as an organizer in a larger bag and I have gotten into the routine of just filling it with my camping essentials and then putting it into my full size duffel to keep my stuff separated. As a fairly unorganized person, it has been a real champ in helping me avoid a messy bag on longer trips.

Whether it be a trip to the gym, an outdoor adventure, baby supplies, or a quick trip to the grocery store, the 22 L Nomad Packable Duffel allows you to take what you need and more. Constructed from durable reinforced nylon, it stuffs into its own pocket so you can travel with it easily. When it’s time to stash it, turn the interior pocket inside out. Then stuff the entire duffel into the pocket, and zip it closed. (It’s as shockingly easy as it sounds.)

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my daughter likes it and takes it to swimming


I love that it can collapse and pack into a small bag. That way I can keep it low profile until I absolutely need to use it. Very durable material too.


Very nice bag, not too big not too small, just the right size! Extremely light and very easy to place back in its pouch when done using it. Also, the small strap is useful when wanting to store it. Happy with purchase!

Versatile Bag in the Peace Corps

I love this bag! I took it with me to the Peace Corps in Ghana and used it to travel everywhere. It is very versatile, when it is not being used it compacts. It holds a lot more than I expected, but I can also fill it less for a smaller bag. It is very durable and the zipper survived me cramming a lot of stuff in without breaking. It works well as a carry on as well. I have been using this bag for over 2 years.

Great for day/overnight trips

Good for about two days worth of clothes/toiletries. Very small and light when packed away, stylish too :)

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